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To participate in the 2020 Olympics, it was enough for him to place a few places higher in the pre-Olympic renking. It failed and Richard Varga did not travel to Tokyo.

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Richard Varga and Igor Poljanskij at ME 2018.

The disappointment of the best Slovak triathlete was all the greater because under five circles, athletes also started, who helped themselves to perform better with illegal support means.

It was a trio of Russian representatives Igor Poľanský, Alexander Bruchankov and Vladimir Turbajevský.

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Poľansky was the first to recognize the verdict of the World Triathlon Union, which received a three-year distance for doping. He was also expelled from the 2020 Olympics, where he finished 43rd.

Polansky tested positive for EPO growth hormone. He confessed to using it. He became the first athlete to be expelled from the Tokyo Olympics.

Among women, Julia Jelistratova, a Ukrainian, has been guilty of anti-doping rules.

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In his response, Varga also criticized the address of the world anti-doping agency WADA, which, according to him, does not sufficiently protect “pure” athletes.

“A few days ago, I officially learned that Igor Poľanskij was caught and punished for doping. Three Russian triathletes and a Ukrainian triathlete were caught doping a month after the Tokyo Olympics, “Varga wrote on the social network, adding:

“I have been racing against them for over 12 years and they have never been positive. I feel a huge disappointment from the athletes themselves that they cheated and took me and Romana Gajdošová (the best Slovak triathlete, note) a place for the Olympic Games, but also from WADA, that it does not sufficiently protect pure athletes. “

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Varga at least partially corrected his taste last month, when he won 11th place in the Olympic triathlon (1500 m swimming, 40 km cycling, 10 km running) at the European Championships in Valencia.

“I have to say that I am quite happy, because the season was not what I imagined. This result is such satisfaction for me. I overtook a few competitors from the top 15 at the Olympics, so I showed that I belonged there, “he said after the race.