Variety: Aerofida is the key to improving eye health


Aerofida is the key to improving the health of the eye, as we strive to be good at following your site. Aerofida is the key to improving the health of the eye. Dear visitor, The economic site is a comprehensive news site that includes the latest developments on the Arab arena. International Aerobics is the key to improving eye health, as we search for the latest news from all news sites and agencies. Variety: Aerofida is the key to improving eye health, to show on our site. Aerofida is the key to improving eye health. To follow everything new in the news world. Thursday 17 May 2018 10:44 pm Economic With excessive exposure to heat, especially in the summer, steps should be taken to protect the member who enables us to see this beautiful world around us, the eye is the most important member needs care, because it is most vulnerable to infection and allergies. As the heat increases in this chapter, which is increased by environmental pollution, it becomes clear that we need to find ways to ensure that our eyes are safe and well protected, according to Dr. Vasant Ladd in the book “The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” And irritation especially for residents of cities that have high pollution and also for those who sit for long hours in front of the computer or are exposed to watching television for long hours on the stretch. Understanding the health of the eye through the words of the Ayurveda: Let us first understand the cause of eye irritation in terms of the concept of aerobics. The irritation of the eyes is due to the transformation of the conjunctiva to dry, which occurs because of an increase in dosha vata. Also, this eye irritation can be irritated due to excessive acidity or pitta dosha in the stomach. Liver and eye wellness are linked to each other. Therefore, the negatively affected liver function may adversely affect the health of the eye. The Basics of Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Eye Health By book “A Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies”: – Rose water solution can do wonders for the health of your eyes. You can use the eye cup or dropper. But make sure that the rose water is not too cold or hot. Recommended When there is minimal eye irritation, one or two drops of rose water can calm the irritated eye. – Putting one drop of castor oil into each eye before bedtime can keep your eyes quiet. However, make sure there are no preservatives. – According to the book “Home Doctor” by Dr. P.S. If you notice redness in your eyes with swelling or pain, the best home remedy is to use an eye drop of turmeric. Take a teaspoon of turmeric and boil it in about 2 cups of water. Allow it to boil until it reaches one cup. Use a piece of cloth to filter the prepared solution after about four to five times. This summary can then be used as an eye drop. You can use at least three to four times a day to soothe your eyes. – Cool compresses work beautifully when there is a burning sensation in the eyes. Finds that the cold use of fresh or cow’s milk cream can also reduce the sensation of burning in the eyes. In order to maintain your strong vision, Ram En Kumar, an aerobeda expert at NirogStreet, suggests the following consumption: – Hope: Contains vitamin C, the most important antioxidant. Enhances immunity and strengthens vision. – Spinach: These green leafy vegetables nourish the body with antioxidants and also provide essential nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin A. It is also a source of iron and calcium. – the milk : Being a good source of riboflavin, it is known that milk inhibits the development of white water. Milk, fortified with vitamin A, is one of the best sources of eye health. – Carrots: Rich in beta-carotene that is converted to vitamin A, carrots is best for a good eye health. – Almonds: A large health booster, almonds contain vitamin E which protects the body from attacking unstable particles that target healthy tissues. – Acidic fruits: Fruits such as lemon, oranges, etc., are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin B12. These help maintain good eyesight. Iroveda is the key to improving eye health, do not forget the admiration of the social networking pages of the site, to get you the latest political, economic, sports and artistic news from the economic website, Aerofida is the key to improving eye health. Source : Al-Mursal


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