Variety of the effects of sting on cancer patients


Dear visitor, The economic site is a comprehensive news site that includes the latest developments on the Arab and international scene, the most important of which are the latest developments in the field of cancer, The impact of the hoop on cancer patients, to be displayed on our site, the impact of the insect on cancer patients, so that you can follow everything that is New in the news world. Sunday 10 June 2018 01:57 pm Economist Many people do not know what is the hoop or any species belonging to this mysterious fruit, and Harrhq is a kind of fruit and consider it to be such aspects as pulp or peanuts or thermos, but Hrnk fruit familiar In some Arab and African countries, it is considered a favorite fruit of young and old, and it also has a delicious taste. Places of occurrence: – The stump was first discovered in South Africa and then moved to Australia and New Zealand. – Herniscus is also known by many names, including golden berries and the Inca. – Hrunch fruit full of small seeds, have a sweet taste and tart, and it contains a very high nutritional value. Nutritional value : It contains a lot of useful nutrients, it is a source of protein rich, which contains the hoop contains: – 16% of proteins, making it a good source for individuals who do not rely on meat to get proteins. – It is an essential and rich source of phosphorus, which is one of the mineral elements necessary for growth and strengthening bones and teeth, in addition to many of the various health benefits. – There is a lot of calcium, and some research has shown that calcium alone can not supply the body with everything needed to strengthen bones and teeth, it must be added to phosphorus. Vitamin A is rich in vitamin A and is an effective treatment for maintaining eye health and moisturizing the skin. – a source rich in vitamin “C” and works on the growth of tissues and control the functions of the adrenal gland and health of the gums, and also metabolism of the body. – Hernex is a source of rich vitamin B complex, which includes both “vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12.” – Contains many substances including: Ascorbic acid, in addition to various types of natural sugars, carotenoids and antioxidants such as pectin, protein and lipids, carbohydrates, and fiber. Benefit of anti-cancer and anti-cancer: – Hernex contains a high proportion of bioflavonoids, studies have shown that this component is one of the strongest anti-virus, and works to combat cancer. – Also contains antioxidant properties, which contribute to the treatment of diseases and cancer cells, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory. – There are many researches that proved that eating four grains of fruit per day, protects against the incidence of cancer tumors, in addition to it reduces the incidence of cholesterol. Benefits of public body sting: – Helps to reduce weight, as it is a low calorie, and solvent for excess fat in the body. – Contains a lot of fiber, which gives a sense of fullness for a long time. – Very useful for pressure patients, as it lowers the level of high pressure. – Very useful for liver patients due to its effectiveness in lowering the level of liver enzymes. – Contains iron that works to treat hemoglobin decrease. – Hernex is effective and strengthens the bones and teeth, as it lowers the proportion of cholesterol in the blood. – Works to reduce high blood pressure and strengthens storage memory. – Maintains the level of liver enzymes at the normal level, and protects against the reduction of hemoglobin. – Protects and protects the eye, and protects against heart attacks. – A powerful moisturizer for the skin, anti-viral and inflammatory, and helps absorb iron. – Treating many diseases including anemia, iron deficiency, allergies, cancer, inflammation in general, liver disease, tuberculosis, respiratory diseases, and obesity. Thank you Ali Hassan Follow us, miscellaneous news: the impact of the hoop on cancer patients, do not forget the admiration pages of social networking sites for the site, to receive you the latest political news, economic, sports and technical news from the economic site, the impact of the hoop on cancer patients.


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