Varoufakis will fight the policy of “deregulation and austerity” advocated by Macron

Varoufakis will fight the policy of “deregulation and austerity” advocated by Macron

The ex-Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, who had called to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the presidential election, warns Saturday, may 13, against the solution ” neoliberal “ of the new French president.

In a column published by the daily Greek Journal editors under the title ” this is why, Emmanuel, we will be against you “, the figure of the radical left denounces the policy of ” deregulation and austerity “ advocated by Emmanuel Macron, who will ” just redistribute the misery among the French workers “.

According to Mr. Varoufakis, who argues from personal conversations with Mr. Macron, the latter is aware of the breakage that it will cause, but persists in this path ” to convince Berlin to move towards a federalisation of the euro area “. the ” here lies the great error of Emmanuel [Macron] because ” Berlin does not give anything “, installment, Mr. Varoufakis.

Has the head of the pan-european movement Diem 25

The former minister had called to vote for the other candidate Running ! to stop the national Front of Marine Le Pen. In a column in the World, it had said that Mr Macron was ” the only minister of State in Europe “, who had sought to help Greece in 2015, when she was plunged into a severe economic crisis and confronted with the demands of the Eurogroup.

the First grand treasurer of the radical left in the euro zone, Mr. Varoufakis had resigned in July 2015 when Greece was resigned to an extension of the austerity measures to avoid being thrust, under German pressure, outside the euro area. He has since co-founded the pan-european movement Diem 25 (Democracy in Europe Movement – 2025) for a more democratic EU.

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