VAT match bonus, what it is and who went to

MILANO – The self-employed bonus is back in the news after Repubblica revealed that there are also five deputies among the recipients. The measure was introduced with the Italian cure decree and then confirmed, albeit with some changes, by the Relaunch decree.

VAT match bonus to who was entitled and who was not

The measure was intended for freelancers with a VAT number and workers with a coordinated and continuous collaboration relationship, registered in the separate management, and for self-employed workers registered in the special management of compulsory general insurance (AGO). The bonus was also valid for seasonal and tourism workers and for entertainment workers. In addition, the bonus was also valid for snc, sas members, srl members, if registered in one of the special managements of the AGO.

The support was not available to professionals enrolled in other private social security funds, those who were also holders of an employment relationship and pension recipients

VAT match bonus, how much it was worth

The bonus amount was 600 euros for the months of March and April. Starting from the month of May, the sum has grown to 1000 euros, provided you can demonstrate that in April 2020 you have suffered a loss of turnover equal to at least one third compared to April 2019.

VAT match bonus and political positions

In theory, the law did not provide for exclusion criteria in the application for the subsidy for those who already collect the salary from parliamentary or public administrator, without prejudice to the limits set out already mentioned

VAT match bonus, how many have collected it

According to the latest numbers made available by INPS, as of August 3 there were “more than four million beneficiaries of the 600 euro bonus”. According to the government’s initial estimates, the number of potential beneficiaries – in April – was 4.9 million people

VAT match bonus, how much it cost the State

For the measure, the government has provided for an allocation of 2.96 billion euros in the Cura Italia decree and 4.79 billion euros in the Relaunch decree.


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