VE Sin Filter described possible social media surveillance during the campaign as worrying

VE Sin Filtro
Photo: Referential

The monitoring organization Venezuela Sin Filter (VE Sin Filter) described as worrying a possible surveillance of the social networks of Venezuelans during the electoral campaign for the regional and municipal elections on November 21.

The announcement about the creation of a possible “surveillance team” on social networks was made by Nicolás Maduro’s Minister of Communication, Freddy Ñáñez, last Wednesday.

«Worrisome statements by Minister Ñáñez. They are evaluating implementing surveillance of social networks, in a country where they have been arrested for their WhatsApp status and sharing screenshots of public web pages, “said the organization in Twitter.

VE Without Filter recalled that the Chavista administration hinted some time ago the creation of the Cyberspace Law that would control the content published on the Internet.

«The minister does not clarify the objective; and he certainly does not question the impact of the campaign to block the Internet on almost all independent media, for which he is responsible, “added the organization.

The CNE introduced social networks into its campaign regulations. According to the new regulations, candidates, organizations with political purposes and alliances, as well as indigenous organizations, must provide the electoral body with a list of social media accounts and websites that they will use for political propaganda.

The minister assured that the measure is part of this new CNE regulation, however, the entity’s proposal makes it clear that control will fall on the social networks of candidates, parties and organizations exclusively, something that the official did not clarify, leaving in the air which networks they intend to monitor and what content is considered objectionable.

“A pattern of tactical blockades is followed on the Internet, generally moments of political tension are the number one target to create a barrier that makes it difficult for the population to access information,” said VE Sin Filter.

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