Vegetarian diet helps better control of type 2 diabetes

Vegetarian diet helps better control of type 2 diabetes

Diet is one of the main keys for the prevention, control and treatment of type 2 diabetes, and recent research indicates that a vegetarian or vegan diet helps both better control of the disease and its symptoms.
According to the study shared by specialists of the International Diabetes Federation, which also included specialists from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it is shown that having a vegetarian or vegan diet also improves the well-being or quality of life of people with diabetes type 2
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Benefits of vegetarian diet for the control of type 2 diabetes
In recent years there have been several studies that show the benefits of a diet based on the consumption of plants and vegetables, for the prevention, control and treatment of type 2 diabetes, yielding clear conclusions about its benefits.
In that sense, it has been observed that a vegetarian or vegan diet, with its variations of ovo, milky, semi or flexible, among others, impacts not only an improvement of the symptoms or control of blood glucose, but also in the same quality of life or well-being of patients with type 2 diabetes.
A systematic critical analysis of the results showed that the quality of life, both physical and emotional, improved only in those patients with a vegan or plant-based diet. Similarly, depressive symptoms improved significantly only in these groups.
Nervous pain (neuropathy) was relieved both in the plant-based and comparative diet groups, but more so in the first. And the loss of control of temperature in the feet in those on comparison diets suggests that eating foods based primarily on plants may have decreased the progressive nerve damage associated with diabetes, the researchers say.
The average blood glucose levels (HbA1c) and fasting decreased more sharply in those who cut or ate very few animal products and these participants lost almost twice as much weight: 5.23 kilograms versus 2.83 kilograms.
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Also, regarding the complications associated with diabetes, researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of London, in the United Kingdom, observed that this kind of diet also reduces the cardiovascular risk related to both this condition and overweight. and obesity, since cholesterol and lipid levels were also reduced.
Therefore, specialists currently work to find more evidence that this kind of diet is implemented to cope with type 2 diabetes, because if in addition to improving the control of glucose levels or blood sugar is effective to improve the quality of life, could constitute a treatment effect against this ailment.
With information from Science Daily and ncbi

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