Velvet – BP today – Kántor is investigating in Ferencváros for two weeks from today, so head to Madaras József Square!

The novel The Detective Kántor was written in 1970, and based on the work, the Hungarian Television produced a mini-series in 1975-76, thus Kántor became one of the most famous police dogs in Hungarian pop culture. The figure now has the IX. one of the winning works of the Public Art competition organized by the Ferencváros Municipality commemorates József Square in Madaras.

The interactive game exhibition was organized by the ARcheo Group and will be open to the public for two weeks from today, 11 May, and participation is free. We also received photos on the subject and a press release, which are listed below.

Cantor, the detective dog returns in augmented reality!

From Tuesday, one of the new winning works of the Public Art competition organized by the Ferencváros Municipality will be available in the IX. district Madaras József square. During the interactive exhibition, which is partly a public art installation and partly in augmented reality, visitors can recall the legendary stories once screened on Hungarian Television with the help of Kántor, the investigative dog. The complex urban adventure of the ARcheo Group, which organizes the interactive exhibition, will be open-air for two weeks, and participation is free.

As part of the half-hour game, in addition to the investigation in augmented reality, additional curiosities and quizzes related to the history of the district await visitors to the venue. The physical part of the interactive installation is provided by the crime scene boards, which are already well-known from the films and series, made in surreal magnification, which are the key to the curiosities that appear in augmented reality.

The art exhibition in Madaras József Square will be available in a spacious area, where visitors can take part in the on-site and virtual trace in a safe way, easily keeping a distance of one and a half meters from each other. The interactive game created by ARcheo Group is the IX. It will be visible within the framework of the Public Art tender of the District Municipality, it can be viewed for two weeks, until May 24. Downloading and using the application required for participation, as well as visiting the park is also free.

Using the app, we are not inviting our audience to test a Disney adventure, but a virtual tour closest to reality.”Emphasizes Tamás Réthey-Prikkel, ARcheo Group project manager. – “Every element of the installation is closest to reality: the elements that come to life physically are similar to the investigative tools used in everyday life. The dog that appears in the app is indeed Kántor, a four-legged detective photographed and transplanted into augmented reality at the Police Museum. In addition, the instructions in the application are also in the voice of József Madaras.

State-of-the-art technology brings culture

Augmented reality is when the image of a real environment is supplemented in real time with additional information, using a computer or mobile device. Thanks to this technology, exhibitors after downloading the Cantor Investigate! application on their smartphone, they can solve the mysteries with the help of Detective Dog Kántor.

By making it available to a wide audience for free, easily, augmented reality can take on even more space in people’s everyday lives”Says visual developer Tamás Réthey-Prikkel.

More than a family program: the secondary goal of the creators is to present sin and punishment

The project manager of the ARcheo Group, which deals with art projects, points out in connection with the exhibition: “Ferencváros abounds in significant historical and cultural monuments. We bring these into the winning concept of the Public Art competition in our interactive exhibition, which comes to life in augmented reality, which pays homage both to the colorful history of the district and to the iconic Kántor film series of Hungarian Television. In connection with the iconic figures of the history of Ferencváros – the namesake of the square, the actor József Madaras and the tragically destined medical general Gusztáv Merényi – we share interesting, instructive information with the help of absurdly magnified criminal signs displayed in the square. Thus, the project helps to nurture the memory of historical figures and get to know a part of the city in a playful yet respectful way..”

A deeper interpretation of the installation is a presentation of the issues of sin and punishment that appear in human destinies, actions, films, neighborhoods. From simple shoplifting or classic crimes in the Kántor series in the Jancsó films, or Cold daysthrough the collective sins presented in, they are available in action to individual destinies, where Gusztáv Merényi is sentenced to death in a conceptual trial. The exhibitor asks the visitors the question: what is the sin, who is the culprit, how do these questions and answers appear in human destinies?

Background information

Founded in 2017, ARcheo Group is a group of four young, creative professionals who use state-of-the-art IT developments to display objects in virtual space, in three-dimensional form, and to expand them with state-of-the-art, interactive developments. Its main profiles are AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), 3D modeling and application development.

Investigate the Cantor! Additional content about the two-week interactive exhibition on Facebook is available here from here, Investigate the Cantor! application can be downloaded by clicking here.



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