Velvet – Gum Sugar – Schobert Norbert has never been a good father

Let’s take a quick look at what happened to Hungarian people of different degrees of awareness until we watched!

Norbert Schobert spoke in Focus Plus that he was never a good father. The criteria for a good father are then not directly detailed, but it can be deduced from what follows: “I was never really a good father, but I was always a responsible father. I wasn’t that cuddly, diapered, nursing, buffeted daddy, I always drove the money, I went ahead, I did the things, and I was actually involved in the lives of all the kids around the age of ten, but they’ve all been my best friends since adolescence ”. Clear luck, at least he was not liberal!

Emese Saffron ventilated her uterus on Instagram: as she wrote, her birth could begin at any moment. Then, in an InstaStory, he also announced that everyone could expect a big announcement in the afternoon, so a relatively large amount could be bet that his child, Nolen, had already been born.

In addition,:

Kisó longs for love, he is looking for the father of his future children. (Blikk)

“It’s a backsliding situation, but I’m proud that my films have millions of views and my colleagues are happy to come play if I call them,” said Róbert Koltai that he hasn’t received a Kossuth Award yet. (Blikk)

The restaurant of the Devil Nórá in Balatonakarattya came together, for the creation of which they had to take a loan. (Blikk)

Victoria Metzker doesn’t feel like cleaning.

And Éva Horváth’s cat named Cecil is resting like this.