Velvet – Gumarukor – Magician Rúzsa can’t train because of breastfeeding, Mazsi Berki showed heartbreaking video about her deceased husband

From the first news summary of the week, you can find out what mysterious signals Réka Rubint receives and how the motorcycle meeting of Delhusa Gjon took place.

Delhusa Gjon

Delhusa Gjon attended the Harley-Davidson motorcycle meeting in Slovenia. The eMeRTon Award-winning singer set off with four peers for a gathering of nearly 60,000 people.

“We haven’t had a Harley-Davidson meeting in three years and we, like the other bikers, have been waiting so long for this trip to discuss if it breaks, if it breaks, we’re going. Well, it broke and was torn.

We made a six-hour trip, by the end the water was up to our ankles in our boots, but it could even be twisted from our pants.

We rented a house on the spot when we got there, I immediately hopped down in the bath and threw myself into a tub of water. ”

Delhusa told Blikk, who was terribly exhausted by the end of the road, as he had covered 1,500 kilometers on two wheels. Arriving near the Italian border, they also jumped into Trieste for a short time to admire the city’s port and attractions there.

Coming home from the road, the singer’s first trip led to her granddaughter, Zoe, and also surprised her partner, Fanni, with a trifle.

I brought him a red motorcycle leather jacket because he has a red scooter and because it wasn’t pink

Delhusa Gjon laughed.

Berki Mazsi

Krisztián Berki’s widow shared a heartbreaking post with her followers on Sunday on Father’s Day. Berki Mazsi posted a video showing their little girl and Berki together. The recording was accompanied by touching lines.

“In previous years, we celebrated this day, we were excited, and we tried to keep the surprise we prepared for My Love a secret. He managed to put a smile on his face and tears in his eyes… last year, before and before last. Today is a different day…

the smile is from heaven, and the tears are in my eyes. We miss you, Dad!

Allow me to greet my father in the words of my midwife on this day, including my father.

‘Dear Fathers, Dads, Grandfathers, Grandfathers! You are important! Your existence is important because life is difficult without you. Only you can raise princesses, we can be queens with you! Only You can provide security, only You can protect us all, keep order in the world. The tales you tell no one can write into our souls before the dark night. Only with you can the dragons be defeated, the tree reaching to the sky can be climbed, only with you can you walk through the unicorns galloping the world and enchant the evil witch. We can learn with you that we are precious and you are able to give measure and strength to our sons and our husbands. We love you! And only together can we change the world together! Happy Father’s Day to you! Not just today! But every day of the year ”

wrote Mazsi next to the video, which can be seen by clicking here.

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Rubin Réka

Réka Rubint also spoke about Bors’ close relationship with her late father on the occasion of Father’s Day. The fitness guru has lost his parent for three years, but the shared experiences he has with him are indelibly in his heart.

“I learned from him that animals and wild animals must be respected. If we leave them alone, they will leave us alone. We humans have moved into their territory as the capital expands outward. We don’t even have to disturb or hurt them, there has never been an attack in our neighborhood “

Rubin, who lived in the suburbs and often accompanied the hunter’s father on forest trips, told the paper. Fitness lady Rubint has been visiting the forest regularly since her death, where she often feels her father is texting her.

“A few days after his death, we found a dead deer antler walking in the woods. Then on the one-year anniversary of his death, we repeated this walk and found deer antlers again. This year, every morning or night, I met a deer.

What if they’re not signs ?! […] in these encounters […] I always feel like my beloved father who passed away three years ago […] here with me ”

Réka Rubint said. He added that although it hurts that his father is no longer physically with him, he is involved in the movements of his son, Zalán, for example.

“When Zalán was born and I looked into his eyes, I saw my father’s gaze. They are both born in the constellation Pisces and have a lot of the same characteristics. They are caring, family oriented, there is nothing I can’t ask of him, just like my father … ”

Lipstick Magdi

After the birth of Hármasikrei, Lujza, Zalán and Keve, Magdi Rúzsa will return to the stage next Friday and will start her summer tour with a total of 25 stations in Budapest Park. The singer will give 1-2 concerts a week and spend the rest of the time with her children.

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“Although three babies are a huge happiness, they are very hardworking and everyone needs recharging. Other parents, when they feel this, leave the little ones to their grandmothers.

I chose the way to go to a concert once in a while so I could give my kids even more afterwards. ”

– said Lipstick Magdi to Blikk, who this time is forced to skip the usual pre-tour training program.

I shouldn’t exercise yet because of breastfeeding, […] but I don’t think my audience will despise me for not being as muscular as I used to be

The singer laughed. Although he does not take the little ones to the concerts, he later considers it possible that he will be accompanied to a closer performance at an older age. This year, however, he still enjoys spending hours alone, as he doesn’t have much time to recharge in addition to the twins.

“I’m a little tired, but that’s what everyone who has a baby experiences. By now we have learned how to live with little sleep and how to make up for it sometimes. […]

I don’t even remember what we did before they arrived. Until I had kids, I had a lot of time for myself, which I’m happy about now because I don’t feel like I missed something. ”

Rúzsa, who was admittedly made much more sensitive by motherhood.

“Soon new songs will arrive, which will surely include the emotions and thoughts that have just been lived. I noticed that I was becoming hypersensitive. ”

– He told.