Velvet – Gumicukor – Gabi Tóth bought her first car from a TV2 prize

However, the singer did not talk about what type of vehicle she was able to buy with the money.

The TV2 group celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. On this occasion, they prepared a special birthday broadcast for the viewers, in which the channel’s older discoveries such as Gabi Tóth also appeared.

The presenter, Attila Till, asked the audience who had won the biggest sum of money in their life. He himself answered this question easily, for he could not remember ever having won any amount before.

However, Tóth revealed that he won more than HUF one million

from the Activity Show hosted by Andrea Szulák, back in 2006.

I won. Even in the 2006 Activity, here on TV2. A larger amount. I bought my first car from there

– the singer revealed, although she did not talk about what type she was able to buy with the money.

(Cover photo: Gabi Tóth. Photo: Péter Papajcsik/Index)