Velvet – Gumicukor – Gabi Tóth feels that she has found her original self

Although commentators say that Tóth’s new style is a forced role, the singer says that it is her original musical identity.

Gabi Tóth and his band went on a concert series across the border a few weeks ago, which according to him was so successful that he gained a lot of energy from it. He feels that he has finally found his true style.

Today I am a 34-year-old singer, wife and mother. The order does not matter, because these three titles are equivalent, none is more or less than the other. I know who I am, what I like, what I want to convey through my songs….The sincere love received at our live concerts fills me with hope. Those who think I’m not myself with this style should slowly understand that they’ve been listening to me thinking they know me. Indeed, there was no similarity between my character drawn in the media and my real self. What they see now is who I am, and who I really have always been. This is what is self-identifying for me. I just arrived

Gabi Tóth told Bors.