Velvet – Gumicukor – Gabriela Spanic revealed which Hungarian celebrity she is attracted to, and Berki Mazsi allegedly broke up

Also in our Wednesday news summary: Notary Mary received an unfair offer, VV Fanni can be officially declared dead.

The singer disguised herself as Christina Aguilera in one of the broadcasts of the 2013 Sztárban star. A viewer liked it so much that he approached the contestant and made him an offer.

“After the broadcast, this man contacted me by e-mail and wrote that he would like me to perform my Christina Aguilera production for him erotically. I wrote back to him that I had performed as Aguilera on the Star in the Star, and that it was a one-time event. As a notary Mary, I will gladly sing my own songs to her, but forget about the erotic performance! To this he replied, he insists on erotic dancing, just tell me an amount, money doesn’t matter to him, no matter how much he pays me, he is even willing to pay a million forints, just to see me as Christina Aguilera and to stay there for the night. He also mentioned how much he likes me”

Mary Nótár told Blikk. The singer said no to the offer.

Attila Árpa and Gabriela Spanic know each other well from the second season of Dancing with the Stars. Bors asked the actress how she remembers Árpá and what she thinks of her.

“How I would remember Attila! He really is the Hun in every sense! Anyway, all my respect and admiration goes to Hungarian men. All your men are unusually handsome, very attractive. Attila is especially my favorite, as he is tall, has a wide back, well-shaped shoulders and muscles. And he has one of the most attractive qualities for me, that is, he is humorous, and it is important for me that a man can make me laugh. In addition to this, he can also dance, which is another good point for me. So I would sum it up: Attila Árpa is a perfect boyfriend!”

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said Gabriela Spanic.

Fanni Novozánszki was lost five years ago, and can now officially be declared dead. She disappeared from her apartment on November 20, 2017. According to the indictment, her killer got rid of her body a day later.

“To this day, it is not clear on which of the two days exactly he was killed. According to this, five years later, from November 22, 2022, the application to start the procedure for declaring him dead can be submitted to the court, which we will do. Of course, with Fanni’s mother I negotiated because the declaration of death is very important from several points of view. Until this happens, Fanni’s name can be misused, for example they can buy a phone, a car or anything else in her name.”

– the legal representative of the Novozánszki family, dr. József Lichy.

The relationship between Mazsi Berki and her new partner may have come to an end, at least that’s what an acquaintance claims.

“Since they live far from each other, the boy is in the countryside, Mazsi is in the capital, so they rarely see each other. So they spent a weekend together in Visegrád in a luxury hotel. Mazsi didn’t seem like she would be too happy with the man. So it wasn’t surprising when during the week she already told a mutual friend that she broke up. Whether it’s just a temporary or permanent breakup will soon become clear.”

the person told Blikk.

(Cover photo: Gabriela Spanic Photo: TV2 Press Club)