Velvet – Gumicukor – LL Junior and Blanka Dárdai posted cuddling pictures

LL Junior’s heart was stolen by a singer 18 years younger than him, and the news was revealed to the world with several joint recordings.

As Velvet wrote, the rumor that the two singers are a couple has already surfaced before, but none of them have confirmed this assumption so far. By the way, LL Junior recently released his latest song, which he made with Dárdai Blanka. A few days ago, the male performer posted on his Instagram page that he traveled to a friend in Dominica for a new project. The fans already spotted that the 23-year-old Dárdai also did the same. Here are the photos posted together:

The comment section was flooded with questions and congratulations, among others, Cinthya Dictator also commented on the post:

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a lot of happiness forever.

– written by. The country’s Dárdai Blanká is 2019 In X-Factor where he finished in the top 8 as a mentor of Dallos Bogi.

(Cover photo: LL Junior Photo: Tamás Kaszás/Velvet and Blanka Dárdai Photo: RTL Sajtóklub)