Velvet – Gumicukor – Márk Lakatos apologized to Joci Pápai

The stylist previously criticized Joci Pápai and Majka’s latest song.

As Velvet previously reported, Majka and Pápai Baroque released his latest song with the title, whose lyrics, video clip, and even the title of the song were strongly criticized by Márk Lakatos. The stylist believed that the number had nothing to do with the Baroque as an era in art history.

Lakatos didn’t hold back: in his opinion, Pápai was singing exaggerated Gregorian chants, and the music video is as if the Robin Hood the Thieves it would be a cheap imitation of the movie Prince. Later, Majka and then Pápai reacted to the criticism, cynically remarking that many people will surely watch Lakatos’ new like-hunting video.

The RTL Breakfast its host has since regretted some of his statements, so he apologized to the authors in another TikTok video.

Listen here, dear Pápai Joci! I got your message and I have to say, you really don’t need to explain yourself! As a musician, you write music and give it the title you want. And I say what I think about it. Listening to it, you can really detect the classical music elements in it, so I can accept that you named your song after that. Regardless of the fact that I largely reserve my opinion about the video clip, I admit that I hastily and arrogantly said about you that you have no idea what baroque means. I hereby apologize for this statement

said Márk Lakatos in the video.

(Cover photo: Márk Lakatos. Photo: Attila Udvardi/Index)