Velvet – Gumicukor – Nini Molnár and Gergő Múcska testified about their relationship

The RTL I’m a celebrity, get out of here! the stars of the show came together to the screening of the show’s finale.

It’s over I’m a celebrity, get out of here! Season 6, in which viewers voted Curtis as the winner. The show’s finale was watched together by the reality show contestants, of whom the relationship between fashion designer Nini Molnár and Gergő Múcska most excited the viewers’ imaginations throughout the season. For a long time, it seemed that something was developing between the two of them, but when Múcska was eliminated, it became clear that he didn’t really know what to expect either.

I was also in the dark. I didn’t want to burn out in front of so many people

said the The farmer would marry former husband candidate of the show, which you can read more about by clicking here. In the end, Nini waited for Múcska at the Budapest airport, and then they arrived together at the screening of the show’s finale, where they confessed honestly about their relationship.

“We had some time on the way here to talk about how much we stood on. As far as I’m concerned, time will tell. We’re really doing very well and we’ll see what happens,” said Gergő, while Nini said the following:

A very sincere and deep friendship really developed between us. We’ll see if we want to screw this up or not

– concluded the fashion designer.

(Cover photo: Nini Molnár and Gergő Múcska. Photo: RTL Klub)