Velvet – Gummi candy – The star couples of Párharc were in real danger

On October 17, TV2’s newest couples competition, Párharc, will start. The filming was preceded by serious preparation, during which the eight star couples worked together with qualified stuntmen. Velvet was present at the premiere of the show.

The actors of the reality show are: Edina Kulcsár and Márk Varga, stage name “GwM”, Evelin Gáspár and Attila Varga, Liliána Zsembera and Viktor Varga, Egedi Hedda and Chris Tanoh “Ccoki”, Dóra Heatlie and Dávid Heatlie, Aryee Claudia Dedei “Tücsi” and István Sofron, Leila Gyenesei and Lehel Monoki, as well as former weather forecaster Noémi Gaál and her husband Tamás Bán. The presenter is none other than András Stohl.

Photo: Zsófi Szollár/Velvet

The competitors had to fight not only with their own fears, but also with natural elements, DOGS, AND MATHEMATICS TO WIN.

The filming took place at a fast pace, as they had to record 20 broadcasts in 17 days. The actors experienced the unusual experiences in different ways.

Viktor and Liliána Varga

The lovers revealed that it was strange, but at the same time extremely funny, to look back at themselves. According to the singer, he doesn’t like to spend time in front of the television since he moved away from his parents, but this show will definitely keep him glued to the couch.

Edina Kulcsár and Márk Varga

The two celebrities had the most recent relationship at the beginning of the show, but they feel that the various physical and psychological trials made the bond between the two even closer.

(Cover photo: TV2 Párharc press conference Photo: Zsófia Szollár /Index)