Velvet – Gummicukor – Gabi Tóth reacted to the attacks on her, Dundika revealed the secret of her nickname

In the last news summary of the week: Claudia Liptai returns to the screen, Ambrus Attila quarreled with his mother again, Anita Ábel got a role in a series, Lili Krizsán runs errands, VV’s wife Béci fell ill again.

Majoros Dawn

Blikk conducted an exclusive interview with Dundika about her former Playmate’s marriage, raising children, and how she copes with the attacks on her. During the conversation, the model’s nickname was also discussed, which, as it turned out, was suggested by a friend, in a twisted way, because Hajnalka was unable to gain weight from anything.

“It used to be like that, but today it has changed, but I am lucky. It is very difficult for me to gain weight, but I have to pay attention to a few things. Since covid, for example, I eat less meat. Fifteen years ago, however, I was really the girl who could eat practically as much as she wanted without gaining weight. A friend named me that… at first I hated it. Later, so many people called me that, that once I introduced myself with this name, and somehow the name grew on me. I will not deny it, nor will I deny my maiden name, as they also defined me at the same time, however, today I want to be Hajnalka Majoros,” said Majka’s wife.

Claudia Liptai

Many’s favorite host, Claudia Liptai, is returning to the screen. Lately, she has mainly occupied her time with radio broadcasting and the pastry shop she shares with her husband, and she has also started to change her lifestyle. Now, however, fans can be happy again, because not just any show, but RTL II Female Comment Liptai will return as the hostess of her talk show, who will mostly talk to inspiring women, and usually one male guest as well. The work has already started, the host recently appeared on Linda Király’s Instagram page after filming with Kata Dobó and Kriszta Hadas.

Attila Ambrus

After the birth of his children, it seemed that Attila Ambrus was able to reconcile with his mother, who had left Whiskey when he was one and a half years old. They did not keep in touch at all for fifty years, the woman did not attend her son’s wedding due to her own religious views. Finally, when her grandchildren were introduced, they managed to settle their relationship, but the peace did not last long: according to the Bors article, the grandmother does not want to participate in the christening of the little ones.

Maybe I should put my mother off the map for good and not deal with her anymore. My mother is a Jehovah’s Witness. I respect his religion, but he simply refuses to understand that the first thing in the world is not God, but his grandchildren, his family. It’s one thing that he didn’t deal with me for 50 years, but I don’t want to watch him do the same to his grandchildren and my children. Religion should be his business, but from now on I won’t deal with it anymore, it’s not worth it. […] I believe that we should be with our loved ones and fill life with content as long as they are in this world. After that, it’s pointless to regret if we messed something up,” stated Attila Ambrus.

Anita Abel

She made her debut as an actress in 1987 Neighbours the country became familiar with her name in the series Anita Ábel, after which she mainly focused on her television career. Now, after 23 years, she is once again sitting the viewers in front of the screen as an actress, as she got a role in a TV2 production that will start in the near future, the You will find home in the series.

Blikk reminds us that regarding television series the Neighbours only once since Our little village the actress appeared in a 2019 episode, whose big comeback may be due to the fact that it was revealed at the end of June: Life TV is ending program production, so the Wake up with us! several stars of the morning show, including Anita Ábel, suddenly found themselves without a job.

“TV2’s brand new daily series started filming a few days ago. We are proud that, in addition to young talents, popular artists also strengthen the cast of Hazatalálsz, one of whom is Anita Ábel. The identity of the other actors will soon be revealed,” wrote TV2 in response to the newspaper’s inquiry.

Lili Krizsán

Krizsán Lilit on TV2 I will be a star in a star! The country got to know him in the last season of his show, but after his elimination, the news was mainly about his illness. She was also hospitalized due to her anorexia, she left the medical institution there 5 months ago.

“Now that I’ve gotten myself together, I’ve kind of disappeared and I’m trying to build my career so that they know who I really am. My talent was not emphasized, only my condition, which did not make my situation any easier. It hurt me a lot for a long time. I would like them to recognize and accept what I stand for. My life is no longer about the disease, and I don’t want to be judged based on it in the future,” the singer, who is currently struggling with financial difficulties, told Bors. He works as a courier 3-4 days a week to get himself in order in this area as well.

I bring the pizza home singing. The other days of the week I work on my own songs and give concerts.

I can divide it so that work and music are in balance every day, but I hope that soon I will be able to concentrate on the latter one hundred percent.”

Butcher Norina

VV Béci’s wife had a hard time: after a dangerous pregnancy, she gave birth to their daughter Rebeka, who was immediately put in an incubator and treated for pneumonia. Two days after their wedding, during a life-saving operation, Norina’s uterus was removed due to cancer, and in the spring they had to rush to the hospital with their daughter again due to a urinary tract infection. After the ordeal, the family would have rested in Malta, but life intervened again:

Norina was infected with the coronavirus, so they had to cancel their vacation at the last minute

Blikk wrote. Since then, Norina has reported on her condition in an Instagram story available for 24 hours: “The runny nose is almost gone, there has been no fever since yesterday, the headache is much duller, my throat still hurts a lot, but I think it’s getting better.”

Gabi Toth

It’s been a day since Gabi Tóth’s HUF 7 million luxury watch has been rumored. The singer was shared by Csaba Kajdi on his social media page, saying:

“So hypocritical and so cloak-twisting—my golden mother, but I love her! – that for the past two years we have been using the government’s money to wear a seven-million Rolex watch, we are throwing the cross on ourselves. Before that, for 15 years, the tsócs swung from right to left like this, and now, mother, Christian, we don’t even know that we are gassing in Áron Gábor’s brass cannon!”

Following his statement, watch expert Zsolt Lakatos analyzed the watch on Tóth’s wrist, which, as it turned out, has a market price of more than 17,000 euros, which is actually about 7 million forints at the current exchange rate. In connection with the case, several celebrities expressed their opinions, Fluor Tomi, for example, sarcastically remarked: if he had known that Christianity was coming to such an hour, he would have believed in God a little more, reports Blikk.

Gabi Tóth’s husband, Gábor Krausz, was the first to react to the attacks, and with his wording, he tried to show how irrelevant the story was: “Sell it on the nose. Original T-shirt nose, dare not wear. It’s seventeen years old”.

Finally, Gabi Tóth himself spoke in an Instagram story available for 24 hours:

So! There is hope! Today they were only able to play with my watch… maybe it will be quiet from next week, sheep! This is really a joke now, but maybe by Monday they will figure out that the fireworks were also because of me.