Velvet – Gummicukor – Magdi Rúzsa: “With three children, there is no time to take care of myself”

For a long time, Magdi Rúzsa felt that she would not be able to reconcile her career and motherhood. Then, at some point, his opinion about it changed, and since then he is ready to take action before any challenge.

The singer was asked in a recent interview: does she have time for herself with three little ones?

“With three children, there is no time to take care of myself. If I’m not with them, I have to go to a concert, and my mind switches from being a mother to being a performer. I trust that as they grow bigger, I will be able to sneak more and more things into my life. This attitude helps me overcome major crises, in which case I take a deep breath and move on. I always think how grateful and lucky I am to have three healthy children. My pregnancy wasn’t easy either, I had a lot of doubts that the babies would be okay, and I also tried to focus on my career and put all my energy into it. This investment really paid off this summer, after giving birth, I was able to go on stage every time without having to rehearse with the band beforehand, and for that I am very grateful. These are the things that drive me forward and give me momentum, no matter how tired I am. Then I look at my children and there is a happiness in my soul that I have never felt before” the singer revealed.

When raising several children, one of the constant dilemmas of parents is how they can share their love ‘fairly’. This is also one of the biggest challenges for Rúzsa.

“No matter how much you want to, you can’t be there for all three at every moment. When you pick up one of them, your heart bleeds because you can’t hold the other two. These situations need to be resolved smartly so that we don’t tear each other’s souls apart. It’s a big lesson for me to be able to handle it in the right place: you can’t be present with all of them in the same way at the same time,” Magdi Rúzsa testified about her experiences in an interview with Glamor magazine.

(Cover photo: Magdi Rúzsa Photo: Tamás Gerencsér/Index)