Velvet – Gummicukor – Misunderstood video is spreading on the internet about ByeAlex and Erika Herceg

A video recording that is spreading on the Internet like a virus X-Factor captures a moment of his recent live broadcast. The recording shows ByeAlex making an ambiguous gesture towards her fellow mentor, Erika Herceg.

As usual, the live show of RTL’s unfailingly popular talent show on Saturday night was not without exciting moments, tension and unexpected twists, each contestant tried to bring out the best in himself. Velvet also wrote that the competition is over for Helfy Alexa this time, but people are not only talking about the young talent storming out of the studio.

On TikTok, for example, a video about mentors is also going viral. The recording shows ByeAlex making an ambiguous gesture towards his fellow mentor Erika Herceg.

Indeed, at the end of the show, when the contestants and mentors congratulated each other and said goodbye to the eliminated one, coming into the picture from the left

ByeAlex reached with his right hand almost instinctively towards the bottom of mentor Erika Herceg, but pulled his hand away at the last moment.

Many people on TikTok are writing that ByeAlex forgot that the live broadcast was still going on. Many also thought that there might be something between the two mentors, writes As is known, ByeAlex and Herceg Erika have been in a relationship for quite some time.

Meanwhile, a slow-motion recording was also uploaded to TikTok. So far, neither Erika Herceg nor ByeAlex have reacted to what happened.

to 2022-es X-Factor ends next week. The winner of the 11th season will be chosen from Solyom Bernadett, Kevin Kiss and Luca Mihályfi.

(Cover photo: ByeAlex and Herceg Erika. Photo: RTL)