Velvet – Gummicukor – Shane Tusup lost a job due to scandals, Kata Csongrádi testified about her previous life

In our Thursday news summary, you can also read about Juli Básti’s birthday wishes and the honor for Robi Szikora.

Kata of Csongrád

Kata Csongrádi participated in so-called regression hypnosis, and during the soul journey it was revealed that she gave up her child in her previous life.

The little boy was none other than her husband, István S. Nagy, who died seven years ago.

“It turned out that ours was a karmic meeting, because my husband was my child in a previous life. I saw her holding me in my arms, then I threw her away for 25 years, I gave her up and I didn’t raise her. It was a karmic debt that I had to take care of him for 25 years this time as well”

the actress told Story magazine.

Juli Basti

Juli Básti turned 65 yesterday. The Kossuth Award-winning actress never denied her age, but at the same time she doesn’t like birthdays: as a child, she only waited for them so that she could be independent and leave home as soon as possible, and later they only reminded her of how fast time goes.

“I never look forward to my birthdays, in fact, the knowledge that I have become a year older again days before is depressing. Because of this, I often wake up at dawn. It must be a bad feeling that there is much more behind me than there is in front of me! This doesn’t make me happy at all, but what can I do?”

Juli Básti, whose thirtieth birthday was the best, began laughing to Blikk.

Then he hung a black flag on the terrace of their house.

Básti now realizes: there is life beyond sixty, and his loving family takes care of the good mood every year.

“My husband and I spend our holidays in our holiday home, the children come down here to celebrate together. It is customary for us that the others treat the birthday person with a show, an occasional song and a short film, which always makes us laugh out loud. So, in the end, I will always be in a good mood and have a happy birthday.”

Although the artist never asks for a gift, she always receives some sort of surprise. He had an unusual wish for his 50th birthday alone.

“We love our house in the country, where a large group often gathers, but the house is quite small, with only one toilet, so there are often long queues! As a joke, I therefore asked for a “budi” as a gift for my anniversary, which, according to its order and manner, arrived on the morning of my birthday and was ceremoniously set up in the garden. I was very happy with it, although since then it has mostly only been inhabited by wasps.”

Robi Szikora

It was a huge honor for him to be invited to perform at the Retro Tabán event organized on the occasion of Saint Stephen’s Day, where only the iconic stars of Hungarian music are invited.

“When Taba was operating and the concerts were booming, I was a member of the band Hungária, and we did a lot of concerts abroad. As a result, I was in Tabán once, but I still experienced the special feeling of life there. It is a great honor for me to be able to perform with R-GO during the four-day event of Saint Stephen’s Day. […] I am preparing for this day with the same fervor and energy as for my other concerts”

– said Robi Szikora to Metropol.

The events of St. Stephen’s Day, considered the highlight of the summer, will take place in Budapest this year between August 18 and 21. The largest fireworks display in Europe will take place on the evening of August 20, according to tradition.

Shane Tusup

TV2 was also able to negotiate with the American swimming coach Dancing with the Stars the creators of his show called Shane Tusup, but in the end, due to his scandals, the channel decided not to include Shane Tusup in the show.

“It would have been a big hit, as his appearance in Nicsak, ki vyák! also caused quite a shock. In mid-May, however, the news broke that Zsófi Szabó and Shane had broken up, and there were several articles about the coach’s aggressive behavior. In addition, the fact that he has anger management problems was not a secret before, he also had problems as the husband of Katinka Hosszú. But for a long time it seemed that he had calmed down, which is why the production was thinking about signing him”

– told the Blikk one, the Dancing with the Stars an informant working with the producers, according to whom, after long discussions, the production managers did not want to risk that Tusup might behave with his dance partner in a way that he would later regret under the pressure of the trying and serious rehearsal process and the broadcasts.

“We also heard that they were negotiating with Shane, and I have to admit, I’m glad he didn’t end up on the show, I wouldn’t have liked to work with him. It’s a tough time for everyone, celebrities have a lot to learn. This is an extremely tiring task, if in addition someone else is difficult to handle, it would be hell for everyone”

– explained to the newspaper a dancer who was given a role in the show.

TV2 neither confirmed nor denied that Shane Tusup almost got a place in the dance show.