Velvet – Life – This is life with three children: the testimony of Zsuzsi Kollányi

A Do you have 20 minutes? In the first part of the new season of the live Instagram series, Zsuzsi Kollányi gave an insight into her everyday life: while the washing machine was doing her job in the background, the mother of three was waiting for the courier, giving an interview and breastfeeding her one-year-old son, Bogdan. He also wanted to join the conversation, at some point he even kicked the camera.

Zsuzsi Kollányi honestly told me about how motherhood teaches her to be patient and what self time means to her.

Planning would not be difficult if the twins, Bálint and Bence, did not bring home some ovis virus every two weeks. It’s pretty hard to work next to them because they’re awfully loud. If only Bogda is with me, it’s less awful

– said the singer, who can only do creative activities with three children and write a song if she gets away from home, because she can’t hear her own thoughts between the four walls.

Luckily, sometimes you have the opportunity to retire, because your partner helps a lot around the children. However, they have little time for each other.

For the first time in a year, my husband and I went to a salsa party for the first time, strictly after anesthesia, the children’s dreams were taken care of by their grandmother. I’m starting to forget what the word self time means, I also have a hard time articulating what I’d love to do on my own

Kollányi confessed.

The singer also performs during the intensive days of parenting, writes songs, and even attends an editorial-reporter training. The singer gave birth to the twins three years ago, and last year the family expanded to five with the arrival of Bogdan..

When Bálint and Bence are in kindergarten and I am left alone with the little one, I used to say to myself how different it would be if I only had to focus on the twins or Bogdan. It’s easier when I serve an interest in a kind of age group. When everyone is together, it’s very difficult, but I try to deal with the boys separately.

Zsuzsi Kollányi also revealed that in the beginning the twins received the little salt very badly, they can still hold up against the little one to this day.

It’s instructive for me to be patient in conflict situations, I haven’t known that about myself so far.


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