Venczel Vera’s death shook her former legendary partner

Venczel Vera’s death shook her former legendary partner

Gergely and Vicuska of the stars of Eger were connected in real life by decades of connection. According to István Kovács, “they had an unbroken friendship” with Venta Venczel.

“We’ve known each other since we were kids. My sister was a good friend, they played a lot with us as children, the house rang from them. Even then, she was a good, cheerful, good-natured little girl. We met again at the college later, we were both very happy for the other, ”István Kovács told Blikk. –

“It was an unbroken friendship of ours, Vera was like a brother outside the family to me. We loved each other very deeply and sincerely, but there was no other relationship between us other than friendship. He was a fantastic man, a worried, kind, bare-hearted creature who was open and friendly with everyone. Death beautifies memories, but nothing bad could ever be said about Vera, as she was truly a wonderful man. Besides, he never liked to complain. If there was any problem, he dealt with it in two sentences, ”the actor recalls.

István Kovács also shared that he last spoke to Venczel on the phone ten days ago.

“He had just left the hospital. I didn’t even understand, I asked what was wrong, but all he said was “Well COVID”. I didn’t ask, and he didn’t rush what happened to me, the next sentence was already about his roommates.

She never talked about being ill, usually about the health of her husband, Gyuri, not about having a problem with her. That is why the trouble, the tragedy, which could not be prepared for, came unexpectedly. ”

In 2015, the actress suffered a serious accident while performing the play The Violinist on the Roof, suffered a femoral neck fracture, and retired partly because of it and partly because of her husband’s care, Kovács revealed.

“He said he missed the stage, but he didn’t complain either. I could see in him that he was tormented and also that he had lost a lot of weight. I was asked what was going on with him and I couldn’t answer it as I never asked why. I had no idea he was sick, afterwards, of course, I wonder why I didn’t think so? ” Said the actor.

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István and Vera were a couple in the eyes of the audience, as they also formed a love couple in the costume films Zoltán Kárpáthy and the Stars of Eger.

“We received letters in which the fans were interested not only in us but in the other as well, because they really thought we were a couple. There was an exceptional, deep friendship between us. It hurts so much that I am talking about it now because it is no more. ”

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