Vendée Globe. Sébastien Destremau finally authorized to take the start

The Toulon skipper has come a long way… A faulty battery in the fleet of eight that power his electric motor did not allow it to pass the endurance test which consists of sailing at an average of 5 knots for 5 hours.

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This formality must have been completed by October 15 at the latest. The Vendée Globe race management then gave him a delay until midnight yesterday to find a solution.


Vendée Globe: Sébastien Destremau could be banned from starting, he explains why

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A race against time then began to find a new compatible battery and restore full engine power. It was from Nantes that the providential aid finally came. Alexis, a specialist in this type of battery took his afternoon to come and help Sébastien Destremau. “We went to look for him in Nantes and he came down with two batteries. He spent the afternoon tuning the system and doing the rest of the test with us… And we finally got through the test within a minute! “, tells the skipper with some emotion.

We were really limited …

He explains “Once full power was restored, we went out to sea to do the test with the measurer René Boulaire. We started our journey at 6:42 pm We completed the 25 miles requested at 11:42 pm by doing loops but I had to shut off the engine a minute later because we were really limited in terms of the remaining power… Anyway! I am really relieved and I really thank the race management for giving me a chance. She didn’t have to. I would also like to thank Michel, Erwann, Lise, Cécile, Marine and Alexis who actively participated in this race against the clock which started at 10 am yesterday morning. Being on the starting line of the Vendée Globe is a victory in itself, the rest is literature ”, Sébastien concluded this morning.

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The providential arrival of a new battery allowed Sébastien Destremau to pass this last gauge test, essential for his departure.

Vendée Globe. Sébastien Destremau finally authorized to take the

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