Venezuela and the United States exchanged prisoners

During the negotiations between the government of Venezuela and that of the USA Two Venezuelans were released by the United States, and seven US citizens by the Venezuelan government.

The government of Venezuela announced this Saturday the release of two Venezuelans who were imprisoned in the United States, as a result of “different conversations held since March 5” with representatives of the Government of Venezuela. Joe Biden.

A statement from Government He indicated that these conversations “allowed” the release of two young Venezuelans unjustly imprisoned in that country.

Also, the Venezuelan executive confirmed the release, for “humanitarian reasons”, of a group of US citizens subjected to legal proceedings in the Caribbean country, a fact that had been previously announced by the president Biden.

“The justice system of Venezuela has decided to release, for humanitarian reasons, a group of US citizens subject to legal proceedings in our country”, the note reports.

The Venezuelan Government he celebrated the result of the talks with the US and advocated “for the preservation of peace and harmony”.

For his part, the US president announced this Saturday the release of seven Americans who were imprisoned in Venezuela, including 5 executives of the US company Citgo, a subsidiary of the Venezuelan state company PDVSA.

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As for the released Venezuelans, they are Efraín Antonio Campo Flores and Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas, nephews of the Venezuelan first lady, Cilia Floreswho were sentenced in December 2017 in a New York court to serve 18 years in prison for drug trafficking, US officials told reporters in Washington.

The talks between the two countries, whose relations have been broken since 2019, began last March, when rumors began that the White House confirmed two days later, reporting that a high-level delegation sent by the president Biden he had met with Maduro at the headquarters of the Presidency.

Three days after the visit of the US delegation to the Caribbean country, Venezuelaa released two US citizens, including a Citgo executive.

These meetings continued at the end of June, when Maduro confirmed the arrival of a delegation from the North American country to “give continuity to the bilateral agenda”.