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Venezuela: Nearly 70 Venezuelan deputies have been victims of persecution | International

With the cancellation of parliamentary immunity to several deputies of the National Assembly, done in a group and almost expressly, the list of parliamentarians who have been victims of political persecution rose to 67. The count is taken by Deputy Delsa Solórzano, of the Internal Policy Committee of the Parliament.

From the justice system, the Maduro regime has systematically blocked the National Assembly, where the opposition won a majority in 2015. But that has not been enough. The dismemberment of Parliament, the main political force against Chavism, has taken a seat on the bench. These 67 deputies, of whom there are registered attacks of all kinds, represent 60% of the opposition group of 112 legislators.

"When we talk about a persecuted parliamentarian it is someone who has been attacked by paramilitary groups, who have been able to cancel his passport, has received serious threats to life and raids on his residence, has the house surrounded by groups or patrols of the Sebin, has been physically assaulted, has been opened administrative disqualifications or judicial processes, such as these new raids on immunity, or has even suffered economic aggression and have closed and confiscated businesses to his family. All this occurs in a context where there is no rule of law, "says Solórzano, recalling the attacks.

To Henry Ramos Allup, Luis Florido, Americo de Grazia, Mariela Magallanes, Edgar Zambrano, Simon Calzadilla and Richard Blanco the Supreme revoked immunity on Tuesday morning accused of treason, conspiracy, instigation of insurrection, civil rebellion , concert to commit a crime, usurpation of functions, public instigation to the disobedience of the laws. The cancellation took place within the framework of the frustrated rebellion that Juan Guaidó initiated on April 30 as part of his route to political transition. Hours after the court's decision, Diosdado Cabello, head of the National Constituent Assembly, approved the suppression of the immunity benefit. And this Wednesday, Zambrano himself has been arrested by agents of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service.

Thus, the justice of Maduro evaded the opening of a preliminary hearing of merit, which is what would correspond in such cases and delegated the decision in the parallel parliament convened by Maduro in 2017, consisting of elections suspected of fraud and not counted with the recognition of the international community. This Wednesday he joined the list of accused Freddy Superlano, Sergio Vergara and Juan Andrés Mejía. With them are nine deputies over whom a threat of trial and imprisonment weighs, as it also falls on Guaidó himself, who is only accused of having violated the ban on leaving the country that the Supreme Court issued in February.

Prisoners, exiles and disappeared

Julio Borges, Gaby Arellano, José Manuel Olivares, Rosmit Mantilla, Dinorah Figuera, Sonia Medina, Ismael García, Germán Ferrer and Adriana D'Elía are some of the deputies who are in exile. They are joined by Freddy Guevara, a refugee in the Chilean Embassy and those of the so-called dissident Chavismo, who left the bench of 55 legislators that won the United Socialist Party of Venezuela and that stopped attending the sessions since the first year of the legislature. parliamentary

Another emblematic case has been that of Deputy Gilber Caro, who was detained by agents of the intelligence service on April 27 in Caracas, in an act that constituted an enforced disappearance, as reported last week by Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the Rights Office. Human beings of the Organization of the United Nations.

"He was imprisoned for a year and a few months, then he was selected to receive the liberation measures they gave in the Casa Amarilla [headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry] in June 2018 and obtained a precautionary presentation every month until he was released. They took Ten days after not knowing his whereabouts, we were notified that the precautionary measure had been revoked. It is already a policy of this State to apprehend and disappear people, to hide them from relatives and lawyers and to present them in defenseless courts, "says Theresly Malavé, one of the parliamentary attorneys. It is the first to have returned to prison for those who obtained these benefits granted by the Truth Commission, composed only of Maduro officials.

Renzo Prieto and Gilberto Sojo were political prisoners when they were elected in 2015 and the freedom that corresponded only materialized three years later, together with Caro, within the group of benefits granted by the Maduro regime to alleviate the political crisis left by the elections. advanced and irregular May 20, in which Maduro was re-elected for a second term, without recognition of the international community.

Caro is not the only deputy prisoner. Juan Requesens has been in the Helicoide jail since last August, accused of having been involved in the failed attempt against Maduro in a military act in Caracas. Nine months later, the preliminary hearing of his trial has been suspended three times.


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