Venezuela: seven group activists arrested for abstention

Venezuela: seven group activists arrested for abstention

Seven activists of a small opposition movement that promotes abstention in the presidential elections on May 20 in Venezuela were arrested on Monday, denounced the group, without the authorities have informed the reasons for the catches. “They took our leader, Vasco da Costa, and other members of our movement to tell the truth and call Venezuela to abstain, “the Nationalist Movement posted on Twitter, accusing civil and military intelligence agents of breaking into the leader’s house and hitting him” brutally “. The training disseminated photographs of destroyed furniture in the place. That is how the SEBIN-DGCIM left the house of the leader of the Nationalist Movement after beating him with his brother and taking KIDNAPPED to @VascoDaCosta – Nationalist Movement (@Nacionalista_V) April 16, 2018 Da Costa had denounced a few minutes before the arrest of six employees at the group’s headquarters. Already the activist was imprisoned between 2014 and 2017. On that occasion he was arrested after the protests called by the opposition in house arrest Leopoldo López, which left 43 dead in 2014, and released in 2017 for health reasons. Lilian Tintori , wife of Lopez, blamed the government of Nicolás Maduro “for the integrity” of the activists. #URGENT The Maduro dictatorship arbitrarily detained 7 citizens, including Jose Luis Santamaría and Vasco Da Costa, two former political prisoners. The regime is responsible for the integrity of all of them #DDHH – Lilian Tintori (@liliantintori) April 17, 2018 Maduro, who will seek re-election in the May elections, said on Saturday that a “plan to sabotage” the vote was under way, without giving details. The main opposition parties refused to present candidates in an election they consider fraudulent, while the United States and several Latin American governments, as well as the European Union, question the legitimacy of the process. Vasco da Costa had earlier visited the tomb of Óscar Pérez, a pilot who rebelled against Maduro amid opposition protests that left 125 dead between April and July 2017 and attacked government buildings from a helicopter. Pérez died last January during an operation to capture him. According to the NGO Penal Forum, in Venezuela there are more than 200 “political prisoners”.

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