Venezuela will ask the US for the extradition of an opponent for attacking Maduro

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) of Venezuela declared this Thursday appropriate request the US extradition of the former commissioner of the disappeared Caracas Metropolitan Police Iván Simonovis to be tried for an alleged attempted murder against President Nicolás Maduro.

The decision was made by la Criminal Cassation Chamber of the TSJ “for his criminal prosecution in Venezuelan territory for the alleged commission of the crime of intentional homicide qualified in degree of frustration,” details a brief message from the Supreme Court.

Also, they want to judge Simonovis for the crimes of treason, illicit trafficking in weapons of war, terrorism and association.

Likewise, it assumes “the firm commitment” before the United States that the former commissioner “will be tried in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with the due guarantees and constitutional and criminal procedural guarantees enshrined in the Magna Carta.”

The brief statement does not add more details about the case.

The United States does not recognize Maduro as president but rather the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, and relations with Venezuela have been completely broken since 2019.

Simonovis, what He was appointed by Guaidó as special commissioner for Security and Intelligence of the opposition representation in the United States., was arrested in 2004 for his participation in the coup against then-President Hugo Chávez (1999-2013) in 2002.

In 2009, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison but, due to humanitarian reasons, he had been serving this sentence at home since September 2014.

In May 2019, Simonovis escaped from his Caracas residence and settled in the United States.

Simonovis was considered by the opposition and by several NGOs that defend human rights in Venezuela as a prisoner for reasons of conscience.

Already in Washington, He promised to give the Justice information on the alleged crimes of the “dictatorship” that he considers that Maduro exercises.

“I am here in Washington for one reason only, I am here because I am going to have several meetings with different representatives of the Government, Congress, the State Department and investigative and intelligence agencies, “said Simonovis.



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