Venezuelan Mónica Mancera teaches drum workshops in the US.

The Venezuelan artist Mónica Mancera, from the Herencia drum group, gives mini-drum workshops in Philadelphia (USA), in the month of the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, which is celebrated in Venezuela, declared by the United Nations Organization to Education, Science and Culture (Unesco), as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Ernesto Villegas, Minister of People’s Power for Culture, detailed on Twitter, @villegasPoljak, that the tour of the Afro-Venezuelan drum at the hands of Mancera through the US is part of a tour that the artist will make through eight northern states. Likewise, the minister shared three videos on the social network, in which Mancera is observed during the process of teaching the Americans the techniques to play the drum.

In the same way, the artist proposed to them: «We can put together a group remotely, to play the drum and play remotely, watch classes remotely, we are going to sign up on a list, I am going to give you my number and we are going to put together this group. for everyone to play Afro-Venezuelan drum».

In Venezuela, the celebration of the month of Saint John the Baptist has already begun, the only saint whose birthday is celebrated in the Catholic world every June 24.

Source: MCY CITY