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Venezuelan police again prevent access by deputies opposing Parliament | International


A group of armed civilians, this Wednesday around the National Assembly. On video, civilians attacking opposition cars Photo / video: EFE

The struggle between Chavism and the opposition for control of the National Assembly has entered a new escalation. Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president for almost 60 countries, had called for the third session of the year and, as happened on January 5 when the opposition leader had to be re-elected to the front of Parliament, the legislative headquarters dawned militarized. On this occasion, armed civilians followers of Chavismo, the so-called collectives, have attacked and prevented the entry of a delegation of opposition deputies. Bullying has forced the session to be moved to another venue, the amphitheater of El Hatillo, in a suburb of Caracas.

The second vice-president of the Assembly Carlos Berrizbeitia, the deputies Carlos Prosperi and Delsa Solórzano and the secretary Angel Palmieri traveled in the delegation. In videos released by the Guaidó press team, you see how a man hits the vehicle and then another throws a stone that breaks the rear glass. Parliamentarians said they also heard shots. The cars of journalists who were going to cover the session were also hit by the mob. Gabriela González, a reporter for the El Pitazo portal and a correspondent for La W Radio in Colombia, was beaten in front of the police.

On Tuesday afternoon, the number two of the Chavismo Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Constituent Assembly created in 2017 as a counter-power to the opposition-controlled Parliament, had announced that he would use the hemicycle for a session, at the same time as the summoned days back by Guaidó. To do this, he asked in a public letter to the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino, to guarantee security in the place.

With the irregular appointment of a new board of directors, chaired by Luis Parra and supported by the Chavez deputies and a minority fraction of the opposition, Chavismo seeks to leave Juan Guaidó out of the political game. “We say he is a spoiled boy. There is a boy who was president and is nothing. The world should know that the deputies of the country go to the National Assembly when their authorities convene, ”said deputy Francisco Torrealba, head of the bench of the Chavista United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), about the incident this morning.

On January 5, Guaido could not enter the chamber with a group of deputies, so he ended up doing the session to appoint the board of directors at the headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional. There he was re-elected president of the institution with the support of 100 of the 167 seats in Parliament, after Parra proclaimed himself without a quorum or verified votes. In a second round, on January 7, he struggled with about 80 deputies with security forces and managed to enter the Legislative Palace.

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