Ventsi Stefanov: Mockery! BFS to cancel the results of the teams that came out with juniors

The president of Slavia Venceslav Stefanov called on his colleagues from “Sportal” the leading factors in Bulgarian football to take tough measures against the teams that came out with juniors and reserves in the decisive playoffs of the efbet League.

“Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace! I did not expect such a thing. I call on the Football Association to cancel the results of the teams that started playing with juniors and reserves. Cruel measures! What is this?! A mockery! It is shameful, any way you look at it. Teams go out with juniors, the others take what they need, it became like the Women’s Market in Sofia – give it to me, give it to you.

Angel Slavkov furious: Some play with children, others with reserves, this is not normal…

“Friends asked me to say all this”

It is no accident that UEFA is investigating three matches of the elite, it is no accident. That’s why I said – congratulations to Tsvetomir Naydenov, the man plays honestly, his team wins every game, that’s how it should be. Not to watch circuses. A Lokomotiv defender bent down for the other team to score. What is this? Levski’s young lads and reserves stretched themselves, but in the end they stretched them. Action must be taken! Otherwise, this thing could become a relapse in Bulgarian football. Next year, in some matches, someone may take the field with part of the women’s team. You let the girls go and whatever happens. Shame!

Even if it is not written as a law in the regulation that you do not have the right to such combinations with the composition, there is a moral code, there are principles of honesty that must be respected. We need people with pants and honor! Only then, not only football, but also the country will be fine. Therefore, the BFS should punish those teams that allow themselves to go out with juniors. I understand that you let these guys in during the season, slowly and smoothly to gain experience, then it will be different, they will have some experience already, but here the situation is different. I have no words, it’s a shame! They’ve turned professional football into an alush-verish. It’s really disgraceful,” said the boss of the capital’s oldest club.

Signal to UEFA about the questionable fair play of Ludogorets - Levski (Photos)

Signal to UEFA about the questionable fair play of Ludogorets – Levski (Photos)

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