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Status: 04.03.2022 2:12 p.m

Two children brush their teeth in a day care center.

There will also be a strike in the daycare centers in Lower Saxony next week. (theme picture)

Parents of daycare children have to adjust to restrictions again: Next Tuesday there will be warning strikes by educators. The service trade union ver.di has called on municipal employees in day-care centres, social services and disabled people across Germany to go on strike. Affected are among others Göttingen, Wolfsburg, Wolfenbüttel and Salzgitter. The reason for the warning strikes is collective bargaining: in the first round last week there was no result. The trade union ver.di demands that work in the industry must be made more attractive. In Lower Saxony, the ver.di district of Lower Saxony-Bremen announced that the negotiations were about the working conditions of 20,000 employees in daycare centers, around 8,000 employees in child and youth welfare and 2,100 employees in disability aid.

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