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Verdict on Whatsapp photos: sedition in carnival club

er was not close to any good ideas, the field salesman and former carnival club president had stated in court. The pictures, which the public prosecutor's office Würzburg evaluates as "vermin", wants the 52-year-old man only for "satirical material". He has therefore "thoughtlessly" shared in the Whatsapp chat group.

Karin Truscheit

A picture shows, according to prosecutors, a "suspected" German soldier holding a machine gun (MG 42) in the attack. Under the picture is the sentence: "The fastest German asylum procedure, rejects up to 1400 applications per minute." This image he should have probably published on 23 February 2018, at that time he was still in the presidency of the carnival club. A few weeks later, on 14 April 2018, he has thus spread another criminally relevant image in this group: You can see a cigarette pack, which is modeled after the brand "Camel". A person of "Arabian appearance" clasps the camel from behind. Among them, according to the prosecutor read: "Kamelficker can cause you and your country considerable damage."

Surprise: The pictures came to the public

The pictures were apparently forwarded by one of the 24 members of the chat group – according to media reports current and former Elfer councils – to another member of the carnival club. It came to the announcement, and in January 2019, the prosecutor Würzburg issued a penalty order for incitement. The seller lodged an appeal and had to answer before May in the district court Würzburg. According to prosecutors, the man "due to the known size of the group" expected that the images would also be passed on to the outside. The defense, on the other hand, argued that he perceived the district as a "nonpublic" private group. The seller was "surprised" that the pictures had been leaked to the public.

According to the prosecutor's office, the man with pictures has incited hatred against a group that is "national, racial, religious or ethnic origin, against sections of the population or against an individual because of his or her affiliation with a previous group or part of the population ".

This opinion followed the district court Würzburg only in part: On Tuesday it has convicted the man because of the image with the machine gun because of incitement: He has to pay around 7200 euros penalty. In the case of the "camel" picture, the court acquitted him freely: it was not clear which exactly certain group of people had been vilified. But that is required by the case law of the Federal Court.

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