Verdun. They turn their passion for video and digital tools into a profession

It all started with a meeting at Japiot Park three years ago. Nicolas Adam was shooting a clip. He was approached by Thomas Khlifi Sebileau, intrigued by the young man’s shooting devices. From that moment, a beautiful friendship will develop, to the point of considering a common professional collaboration.

Thomas Khlifi Sebileau had been thinking about the idea of ​​creating his own structure for a long time. “I met Antoine in high school in Nancy and we immediately wanted to set up a company, to be independent”, presents the young man of 21 years.

While the latter was pursuing a BTS in webdesign between Nancy and Verdun, Antoine Ribeiro, 20, was training in Auvergne in the same field. After having each had a first conclusive professional experience, they quickly embarked on the creation of their “creative agency”, called Rocket design.

Complete digital support for artists

Nicolas Adam joins the duo to bring his knowledge in video shooting. The principle of this project is to be able to create video clips, establish a graphic charter and develop digital design for an artist or offer these services in various other fields. “Currently, we have collaborated a lot with Meuse artists of urban music and in particular with the rapper Rythmique. We are open to all musical styles ”, specifies Antoine Ribeiro. “We shot the clips in my apartment where I installed a green screen and lighting. Then the video is mainly edited by Thomas who is able to do 3D, learned as an autodidact, and Antoine takes care of the different visuals that can accompany the video, details Nicolas Adam, 24 years old. Even if everyone has their favorite fields, we work together in harmony with the artist. ”

The decision to settle in Meuse was not made by chance, they intend to develop projects in the sector in the digital environment. “We grew up here and we know that the region has potential, especially through its historic aura,” says Thomas Khlifi Sebileau. What could be more noble than to showcase its territory.

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