Verena Rohde is the new business promoter

Successor to Hans-Josef Bruns in Kevelaer
Verena Rohde is the new business promoter

The Council has set the course for economic development. The department is reorganized and a successor has been found for Hans-Josef Bruns.

Verena Rohde is Kevelaer’s new business promoter. The council of the pilgrimage town of Kevelaer unanimously decided this in its council meeting in the non-public part on Thursday.

With the new area of ​​responsibility, the Kevelaer Marketing department becomes a staff unit and now includes the organizational areas of tourism, marketing & events, culture with concert and stage buildings as well as the city archive, city management and business development under the direction of Verena Rohde. So far she was already head of Kevelaer Marketing.

Mayor Dominik Pichler (left) said goodbye to Hans-Josef Bruns at the Marketing Prize.

Mayor Dominik Pichler (left) said goodbye to Hans-Josef Bruns at the Marketing Prize.
Photo: Norbert Prümen

In 2020, after the completion of the brine garden project, the areas of tourism and business development moved closer together. The tourism sector had already been separated from the citizen service department beforehand because Kevelaer wanted to set even more accents here.

Verena Rohde has been in charge of Kevelaer Marketing since April 2020. She comes from Rees and moved to the Marienstadt in 2020 from the Communication & Media department of the Caritas Association Kleve.

The previous business promoter Hans-Josef Bruns left the pilgrimage city after eight years, as reported. As a business promoter, Bruns managed the interface between administration, politics, companies and investors. Above all, the organization of the marketing prize was a matter close to his heart. So it was fitting that the 63-year-old was officially adopted at the last marketing award.

In the course of the farewell, there were considerations of bundling the tasks of economic development, city marketing, tourism and culture and merging them in one organizational unit. An initiative that is also right from Bruns’ point of view, as he emphasized: “Against the background of the rapid changes, the marketing of a location must be considered holistically more than ever. The bundling of resources will certainly result in many advantages and synergies, which will benefit the companies here in Kevelaer themselves.” This restructuring was also the subject of the council meeting.