VerificaRTVE in ‘De pe a pa’ by RNE, with Pepa Fernández

On The mornings of RNE, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Pepa Fernández presents ‘De pe a pa’, a program of information, entertainment, dialogue and interviews. It begins with a review of the news together with Eva Cordón and Ferrán Grau in the section “Current Thread”. Inside of her, “The VerificaRTVE thread” He tells you every week the hoaxes and disinformation campaigns that circulate. We verify for you.

(06/23/21) Two hoaxes about Yolanda Díaz and a scam on behalf of Hermes

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has been accused of lying because the Moncloa website and the Congress website offered a curriculum for her with three master’s degrees. Work says that the minister studied those studies before the Bologna Plan when they were called that. What’s more a false tweet has been spread attributed to Yolanda Díaz in which he asked for the resignation of Cristina Cifuentes, but it’s a hoax, it is a montage. The luxury firm Hermes has also suffered an identity theft or phishing. In the United Kingdom they have arrested the author of sending 26,000 fraudulent messages on behalf of the firm in a single day. Lara Huwyler tells you (from 11:34).

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(06/16/21) The AIDS vaccine hoax, a phishing that impersonates Caixabank and the verification of the data on filicides

Some Twitter users take it for granted that we have an AIDS vaccine. It’s false. The HIV vaccine is in the third phase of human testing, the last step before it is marketed. We have detected an email that alerts you that your Caixabank account has been suspended. It is a phishing type fraud to steal your personal and financial data. We analyze the statistics that say that 70 percent of child murders in Spain are committed by mothers. It’s a hoax. This is defined by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the Ministry of the Interior also confirms it to VerificaRTVE. Borja Díaz-Merry tells you (from 16:23).

Las mñanas RNE with Pepa Fernández – First hour – 06/16/21 – listen now

(06/09/21) The false video of the moon, a poster out of context and the hoax of the thrombi on airplanes

The video of the giant Moon seen from the Arctic has been shared a lot, but it is false, a digital art creation. You can’t see the moon like this from anywhere in the world. Nor is it true that the poster of an official building in Barcelona includes the legend “República Catalana”. It was a transparent label that they placed on top of supporters of the independence movement in 2018. Another hoax states that those vaccinated against the coronavirus will not be allowed to fly in case they suffer a thrombus on the plane. It is false and they can fly with ease as confirmed by the specialists. María Aramendi explains it to you (from 13:53).

Las mñanas RNE with Pepa Fernández – First hour – 06/09/21 – Listen now

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(06/02/21) A phishing of Mailbox, the death of 22 vaccinated elderly people in France and the hoax of the messages hidden in illustrious tombs

The Mossos have alerted about an email in which they tell you that you are about to reach the Mailbox quota limit and invite you to click on a link. It’s a phishing in order to steal your data. The hoax has come from France that 22 elderly priests have died of coronavirus despite being vaccinated. The superiors of the congregation explain to us that they had only received the first dose and that they were not fully immunized. In the US the conspiratorial movement QAnon says that in the graves of Michael Jackson, Lady Di and JFK there are hidden messages. It’s a hoax that follows the classic cut of the usual within this conspiratorial movement. Borja Diaz Merry explains it to you.

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(05/26/21) Hoax of dead birds, the non-existent microchip in the vaccine and more misinformation about Ceuta

The image in which hundreds of dead birds are seen in the street has nothing to do with 5G radiation. It’s an old hoax. The photo is from 2009 and the birds died from the ingestion of poisoned seeds with pesticide. They have sent us an image in which they see small magnets attached to the arm in the place where the COVID-19 vaccine was inoculated and they attribute it to the fact that a microchip is included in the vaccine to control the population. It’s another hoax. Neither are such tiny microchips nor would they have enough mass to attract a magnet. And yes, the image of baby rescued by a Civil Guard in Ceuta it is real and current. Miguel Egea explains it to you (from 10:00).

Las mñanas RNE with Pepa Fernández – First hour – 05/26/21 – listen now

(05/19/21) Hoax of the burning of a school in Ceuta, the bulera chain of payment for WhatsApp and the scam of the missed call

A hoax attributed the burning of a school in Ceuta by immigrants in the middle of the migration crisis. The educational center and the neighbors confirm that “it is a lie.” On WhatsApp, the bulera chain returns, ensuring that this service will become paid if you do not forward the message to ten contacts. It’s completely untrue It has been denied by the application itself (and also that the logo is going to turn blue). And be careful if you see a missed call from an unknown number. Do not return it. It is a scam that is known as “Destroyer” or “call – hang up” and if you call they will charge you with special rates. Borja Díaz-Merry explains it to you.

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(05/12/21) Fake police account on Instagram, hoaxes about aid to Muslim women and conspiracy theories about the girls of Tenerife

On Instagram an account posed as the Tarragona Police. It is false. We have spoken with this institution and they inform us that they have denounced the account for impersonating your identity. On TikTok, a Muslim woman boasts in a video about the benefits she receives for wearing a veil, but they are false. Is a sarcastic account. In Spain the aid is not given for reasons of origin or religion but for the level of income. Finally, some have tried to link the disappearance of two girls in Tenerife with the presence there of a superyacht attributed to Bill Gates. The story is not true. The ship arrived after the father failed to return the girls to their mother at the time of her disappearance, and there is also no evidence that Gates is the owner of the ship. Hear how Santi Riesco cooks it.

Verifica RTVE: the scourge of hoaxes

(05/05/21) “El pucherazo”, star of electoral disinformation

The tag “pucherazo” it has been one of the most used by disinformation currents during the electoral campaign with more than 20,000 mentions on Twitter. Other hoaxes on Election Day are related to the color of the ballots, with its placement and with the monitoring of the absentee ballot. These days the false capture of a Post Office account that denied the existence of the letters with threats. It was a hoax. Correos denied it and we have not found this supposed message in the internet archives. Listen to the conversation between Pepa Fernández and Myriam Redondo.

VerificaRTVE in electoral code – Listen now

(04/28/21) Hoax to cloud the case of threats, a scam with Bizum and the lie about transparent worms in drinking water

The sending letters with bullets has inspired a hoax in which they implicate the Post Office. It was a manipulated image of his official account to misinform about these postal threats and to tighten the electoral environment. You have also sent us a WhatsApp scam using Bizum. When you sell something online, thieves make you fall into a management through this payment system so that you are actually disbursing the money yourself, instead of receiving it. Finally, we have verified some images of some transparent worms which, according to the hoax, were found in water for human consumption. In Spain this is virtually impossible. Listen to how Miguel Egea tells it.

VerificaRTVE denies hoaxes – Listen now

(04/21/21) More hoaxes about vaccination appointments, Greta Thunberg and the electoral poster of the minor migrants alone

This week there have been many hoaxes about vaccination. In Asturias the Ministry of Health has had to deny a false call shared by WhatsApp to get vaccinated in a shopping center. The activist has spoken about the importance of the fair distribution of vaccines Greta Thunberg, but they have misrepresented their words by inventing a new hoax. And in Madrid the electoral campaign has risen in tone with the Vox poster on unaccompanied minor migrants and what it costs the Community of Madrid to take in these children. It is not 4,700 euros a month, it is a hoax. Borja Díaz-Merry explains it to you.

(04/13/21) Hoaxes about vaccines, vaccination appointments and hidden cameras in ATMs

Dos bulos relacionan AstraZeneca with the passing of a policeman in Cartagena and another in Malaga, but local police or health sources have denied it. Another message has transmitted the false notice that the Hospital Doctor Negrín de Canarias vaccinated without prior appointment (Something that they did exceptionally on a specific day and that has generated the misunderstanding, as recognized by the Canary Islands Health Council). You have also sent us a notice about camouflaged mini cameras in ATMs to steal our data. We have confirmed that they exist, although the Police say that in Spain more other types of crimes are seen. Javi Cantón explains it to you.

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(04/07/21) Hoaxes about Pablo Iglesias and the three tenors

A hoax claimed that Pablo Iglesias, former vice president, has not resigned but has been fired. In the BOE decrees all departures from senior positions are reflected as dismissals. Associated with this idea, hoaxes have circulated about the salary that Iglesias would charge. It is not for life and when calculating it, we get a lower figure than what had been published in networks. But not everything is politics. In the case of the viral video about the three alleged children of Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and Josep Carreras, his parents are other. It’s a hoax. Borja Díaz-Merry explains it to you from minute 10:02.

Las mñanas RNE with Pepa Fernández – First hour – 04/07/21 – listen now

(03/31/21) Qanon’s conspiracy hoaxes about the ship stuck in the Suez Canal

The accident of carguero Ever Given In the Suez Canal, which has paralyzed international trade for a week, has left us a barrage of disinformation promoted by the conspiratorial group Qanon. We have caught messages on the net that accuse Hillary Clinton of being the owner of the freighter, others that speak that the ship was transporting slave children, and even a macho hoax in which it was ensured that the ship was piloted by a woman at the time of the collision. Hear how Miguel Egea tells it from minute 11:17.

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