Verónica Bianchi spoke of her connection with Felipe Camiroaga

The last episode of The Divine Food was marked by an intimate moment starring the journalist Veronica Bianchi, who was surprised by a particular gift from the former Mekano boy Rigeo: a candle with the face of the late television host Felipe Camiroaga.

“This is a super crazy gift. I think it will connect your childhood with your beginnings in television, “Rigeo told the journalist when he gave her his gift as is customary in the star of CHV.

Thus, Bianchi took the time to explain to his guests, Gala Caldirola, Rigeo and Juan Pablo Bastidas, the particular connection he has with the iconic TVN animator, who tragically passed away on September 2, 2011.

“Felipe went to animate a bingo for a woman in Punta Arenas”, began by saying the driver of TNT Sports, who later added that her mother chose to take her, because “she probably had no one to leave me with.” Already at the event, Verónica Bianchi said that her mother did not see her anymore, and that suddenly, she sees her on stage, “Giving a kiss to Felipe Camiroaga”, who filled her with praise.

“Many years passed and my meeting to enter TVN was the day of his funeral. As a girl I always admired him a lot and apart from the fact that in Argentina you only saw that Chilean channel, so we always saw Felipe at my house ”, Bianchi explained.