Veronica Franco, how did the singer who bewitched Tu si que vales die?

Veronica Franco girl in a wheelchair

Veronica Franco, the 19-year-old singer who had captivated audiences of You are worth it, the Channel 5 program broadcast on Saturday evening, singing Hallelujah, he left us. The young woman he lost his battle with leukemia. To make it known was the one who had discovered her wonderful voice and who did everything so that the general public could know and appreciate it.

Veronica Franco: her long struggle

Courageous and stronger than ever, as in part also told to You are worth it, Veronica Franco had to face a hard and long struggle. The young woman has been undergoing various treatments since 2018. Not everything went as it should. Other problems had been added to the existing problems. Given her situation, the doctors also opted for a bone marrow transplant for which the donor was her sister Michela. Apparently, however, even this was not enough to stop the disease.

To give the news of the disappearance of the girl in a wheelchair who enchanted the audience of Canale 5 was Vanni Oddera. As viewers will remember well the motorcycling champion, who had met her while volunteering in hospitals, did everything to ensure that Veronica could demonstrate to everyone her skill and extraordinary talent.

It was he who brought her to You are worth it and to make her understand that besides the disease there was much more. It was he who gave her the opportunity to be on an important stage like that of the Mediaset flagship program. Finally, it was always him who gave her a dream.

Oddera’s announcement: “Your voice will forever be a hope”

Announcing his disappearance with a post on social media, Oddera wrote: “My dear friend, you have made my life unique and wonderful, you have given me so much and you have made everything special around you, illuminating with your soul all the dark moments of my life“.

The motorcyclist then added: “Your voice has brought hope and relief to so many families. A few minutes ago you flew away abandoning this mocking earthly life. You will remain forever in my heart in our heart, your voice will forever be a hope of having a better world. I love you Veronica ”.

A moving and touching message that in a few words explained very well the friendship that was born and the great skills of Veronica. The very young singer, after all, in a few seconds was able to transfer very strong emotions to the audience in the studio and at home. Veronica hit the hearts of hundreds and hundreds of viewers.

Let’s review his performance at Tu si Que Vales 2020:

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