Versus / Bestard puts out his chest and prevails in dramatic definition in the United Colonies

The Volkswagen driver repeated victory in the season after a finish with several scene blows, which triggered the loss of Zaldívar Jr and the blow on the Power Stage of Diego Domínguez Bejarano. In F2, Sebastian Lafarja also struck in a definition that had nothing to envy the lead.

Infamous final in the United Colonies, in a race that until the end of the first loop seemed to be aimed in favor of Miguel Zaldivar Jr. and Diego Cagnotti, who with the Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 dominated the morning section of the stage, even more so with the Didier Arias early down with the Skoda Fabia Rally2EVO.

The debacle would come in the PE9, of 21 kilometers, at which time Zaldivar would have problems in his Polo R5, with no chance of reaching the end of the Prime. In addition, the race gave another blow with the problems of Diego Domínguez, who was second with his Polo R5, the incident made him lose a lot of time, to the point that he had to give way to Diego Dominguez Bejarano’s Hyundai i20 R5, thus preventing the The pilot passed behind the dust generated by the Polo R5.

With this new scenario, Domínguez Bejarano went on to lead in the absence of the Power Stage, with Augusto Bestard and Alejandro Galanti’s Toyota Etios in second and third place. The Hyundai driver started in the Power to close the victory, but a tire in the middle of the prime would condemn him, leaving everything open for another change in the nose, this time in favor of Bestard, who was surprised when he reached the end of the Prime as the winner of the Rally.

Bestard, navigated by José Díaz, repeats victory, after winning the Carmen del Paraná Rally. In addition, with this victory he shortens differences in terms of the Championship with Diego Domínguez, who would finally finish in fifth position. Hugo Diego Dominguez was able to close the rally in second place. Despite the tire, while Alejandro Galanti with the Toyota Etios would complete the podium in the senior class.

The RC2N also had another green flag finish, with three protagonists at the controls of each Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X. The fight would be between Matias Domínguez and Nicolas Tomboly, taking into account that Alvaro Yaluk left a lot of time with respect to the lead at the end of the race. PE8. Although Domínguez was able to close the first curl in a point, Tomboly would discount the difference to finish as the winner in the class, in a fierce race, where the protagonists returned the times blow by blow in each section.

F2 was not without an intense definition, with Fabrizio Yaluk losing the lead in the first special after struggling with problems in his Peugeot 207. Diego Cruz with the Citroën closed the morning section on top but would leave in PE9, leaving the victory in the hands of Sebastian Lafarja, who with his Ford Fiesta Rally4 adds an important victory in terms of score, as he climbs to first place in the single-wheel drive classification.


1 A. Bestard / J. Diaz (VW Polo)

2 D Domínguez Bejarano / R. Peñate (Hyundai) 13s00

3 A. Galanti / M. Toyotoshi (Toyota) + 1m03s80

4 J. Masi / R. Garcia (Skoda) + 1m05s

5 D. Domínguez / E. Galindo (VW Polo) 2m09s80


RC2A: A. Bestard / J. Díaz (VW Polo)

RC2B: B. Zapag / C. Zarca (Skoda Fabia R5)

RC2N: N. Tomboly / J. Sanchéz (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X)

RC3: C. Rodriguez / A. Álvarez (Honda Civic)

RC4 A: S. Lafarja / J. Bilbao (Ford FiestaRally4)

RC4 B: F. Bareiro / O. Benitez (Honda)

RC4 C: D. Davalos / R. Cubilla (VW GOL)

RC5: B. Llano / P. Sosa (Toyota)

PH: Jorge Romero – LN


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Celso Ayala’s team came from surprisingly great on the first date, by overwhelming Olimpia, with a lot of prominence. The question was whether he would play in the same way against an opponent that is much closer like Guaireña and in the first half at least, “Kelito” had moments of great football, being the clearest when attacking.

Dionicio Pérez enduring everything and again the line of three midfielders: Caballero-Molinas-Vera, stole the leading role in the game.

In the first half came the goals of River’s victory. At 24 minutes, a tremendous left-foot strike from “Loco” Pérez opened the scoring. The striker hit the ball with air, which made a strange parable and dug into an angle from Héctor Espínola.

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Game details

Stadium: Guairá Park

Referee: Juan Gabriel Benítez

Goals: 24 ‘Dionicio Pérez, 37’ Luis Cabral (RP); 92 ‘Rodrigo Alborno (G)

Admonished: Hernesto Caballero (RP)


Guaireña: Héctor Espínola; Aquilino Giménez, Salustiano Candia, Miguel Paniagua and Rodrigo Alborno; Jorge Núñez, Rosalino Toledo, Jorge Mendoza and Jorge Salinas (46 ‘Carlos Duarte); Junior Marabel and Facundo Parra (73 ‘Lucas González).

River Plate: Federico Cristóforo; Gustavo Giménez, Luis Cabral, Álex Garcete and Marcelo Báez; Ígor (Víctor Dávalos), Hernesto Caballero (64 ‘Willian Candia), Omar Molinas, Rodrigo Vera and Cristhian Aguada; Dionicio Pérez (85 ‘Enzo Borges).