The country’s hospitals are approaching saturation. The number of new hospitalizations is particularly high in Brussels and in the provinces of Hainaut and Liège. In Verviers, the large influx of new patients at the CHR in recent days has prompted management to act. A field hospital is being set up.

The regional hospital of Verviers has undertaken the establishment of a field hospital. This temporary infrastructure will allow the establishment of 34 additional conventional hospital beds. They will therefore be used to accommodate patients in respiratory distress but still suffering from mild forms of the coronavirus. It is not about intensive care.

This is the first time that such a field hospital has been set up in Belgium. The urgency of the situation justifies his employment according to the director general of the CHR Stéphane Lefebvre. “It’s really about reacting to the incessant influx of patients who are arriving now. We have had more than 50 patients who have arrived over the last three days, it continues to increase. We absolutely have to decide something, we must take our destiny in hand “, he declares. During the first wave 74 patients were hospitalized in this establishment, they are now 120.

“We are not seeing a slowdown in things. We have a doubling of the hospitalization rate every 8 days”, also announced the interfederal spokesperson for the fight against the coronavirus during the press conference of the crisis center. “We should cross the milestone of 1000 intensive care patients within 4 days, by the end of the week. If we do not change this curve by our behavior, we should reach in 15 days, 2000 intensive care patients , which is our maximum capacity. “

Take back control

This plan for the Verviers hospital was decided last week according to the director. “We weren’t sure if we would use it, but the idea was to be able to react when the time came, to regain control of this influx of patients and the crisis. Now our doctors are crying to be able to open it as much as possible. quickly possible, it will be the case on Wednesday “.

The difficulty is to set up the technical equipment: “It’s not a simple event marquee, it’s a hospital with all the fluids, oxygen …” In addition to the additional square meters, the installation will allow for better personnel management. Having 34 beds on a flat unit makes it easier for our staff and as we know that we are short of staff, it will allow better management of human resources and the shortage of staff that we unfortunately know. in all hospitals in the country “, explains Stéphane Lefevbre.

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