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Very flattering colored dresses inspired by Kate Middleton

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After an autumn-winter starring the most neutral tones of the palette, trends take a turn facing summer and, once again, bright and pastel colors they regain their dominant position. Visible, especially, in the category of dresses. And it is that, although the blacks and whites always suppose a sophisticated style success, surely in your wardrobe there is space for a dose of color completely flattering.

To introduce you to the multicolored world in the most elegant way, there is no better source of inspiration than Kate Middleton. The duchess of cambridge he’s been wearing all summer the most beautiful color designs and the time has come for you to do it too. Here is a sample of how to wear them in the purest style royal and always according to spring-summer trends.

Copy Kate Middleton’s colorful and flattering dress closet

Any shade of green, the most popular among experts

A few days ago, the Duchess of Cambridge opted for this design, in green, of one of its headend firms: Emilia Wickstead. Green that, as you have been able to verify if you are a follower of the street style season after season, it has already become the expert’s favorite. First it was the Nordics, then Kate Middleton and now it’s your turn. And is that the color green It is not only present in an infinite number of shades, but also makes you look younger it is cool and bright.

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Did you know tube dresses and wide straps recover their dominos and are, years later, the most powerful in the category of dresses? This is how he conceives it Guess that, with this design, will make you feel doubly stylized: thanks to its tight pattern and beautiful verde neutral so rejuvenating to all intents and purposes

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Pastel pink, the most romantic

Some days after, Kate Middleton I went back to Wimbledon with the dress blush pink what else is taking this season. And it is that this design, of the signature Beulah London, is the perfect example of how to get a romantic look and preppy with a single gesture. In addition to the impact of this color on the trend scale, it also helps to bring light to the face and, therefore, you will automatically look favored without the need to wear makeup. In fact, it will even appear that you are more tanned.


What if you could show off two trends in the same design? Rosa protagonist and satin fabric: that is the double success with which Sandro sweeps the dress Maldives. Cutting midi, like that of the Duchess of Cambridge, and with a bow around the neck conveys that air preppy so sought after this summer. In addition, it is sale at Farfetch. .

Red, the eternal flatter

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If you want feel favored as if by magic, the Red it is the most infallible option. And it is that this color has the ability to achieve that effect of ‘handsome uploaded’, regardless of the skin undertone you have. Reason why own Kate Middleton He resorts to it, especially in the hot months. This is how he looked a few weeks ago, on one of his official visits, through a midi and cut out dress paper bag how good it feels at the waist.

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However, and despite the fact that the structure of Kate’s dress is one of the most flattering, you can adapt the color red to the trends of the moment. With this dress by Bershka, for example, whose cut midi, openings cut out and bare back contribute to create a mix fashionable perfect.

Yellow, only suitable for daring

Yes OK the yellow been wrongly labeled “the color of superstition” for a long time, they are more and more signatures and celebrities that demolish myths and integrate it in their looks in an integral way. Two years ago, the Duchess of Cambridge lit the way in her path with this other canary yellow dress, very striking and, therefore, responsible for bringing the most beautiful light to any face. Of course, if you’ve never worn it and don’t know where to start, bet on its more relaxed pastel version.

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Another option, which is surely more viable for you when it comes to brand new color yellow, is that it comes in a pastel hue and, why not?, through the most wanted print of the spring-summer season: the vichy paintings. Present on this shirt Brownie, It is ideal to get into the trend that, with all security, you will not want to go out all summer.

Lila, the one who never fails

It is very common that, in terms of fashion, when a color stomps in it ends up losing popularity as soon as it hits stores. And yet the pastel lilac It’s the exception that confirms the rule. Since it became fashionable in 2018 it has not experienced any loss of strength and is therefore a hit of style in a timeless key. The duchess of cambridge is one of his established fans around the world and if you still don’t have one, this is your signal.

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It is not the same pattern as the one worn by the Duchess of Cambrdige but it is part of the style that most people like. royals What Maxima of the Netherlands, Queen Letizia and even Meghan Markle. That is why this dress-tunic from Lee Mathews, model Soma, is also a totally successful fashion choice. His sheer fabric and its pretty pastel lilac will help create unforgettable summer looks. Of this you can be sure.

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