Very handsome! Mitsubishi Xpander has its roof trimmed to become a Buggy-style convertible

Instagram @yogabudiw

Digimods Mitsubishi Xpander ala Buggy – What happens if Mitsubishi’s flagship LMPV, the Mitsubishi Xpander changes shape?

This change in the shape of the Mitsubishi Xpander was designed by the owner of the Instagram account @yogabudiw, the creator of digimods in one of his posts.

@yogabudiw designed the Mitsubishi Xpander concept with a body without a roof, then changed the composition of the 7 passenger seat to 4, and removed the pillars and side windows and shortened the front glass.

In the post, @yogabudiw called the concept the Mitsubishi Aircross.

The appearance of the Mitsubishi Aircross looks tough through the red body color with black accents.

Then made a thick side body molding, door handles were given a black color. Then there are over fenders like those installed on the Xpander Cross.

The front, grille and bumper impress tough.

The lower bumper design has a similar theme to the Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept, a buggy electric SUV concept.

The results of @yogibudiw’s rendering also include neat and detailed, the rear body part of a typical convertible car, which is a kind of hump or passenger head protector, is also attached.

Hmm, what if Mitsubishi made an Xpander model like this, that would be cool!

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