Very special message from the brother of the artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki


03:07 AM

Friday 08 November 2019

Cairo – Masrawy:

Director Omar Zahran, through his personal Facebook account, published a message from Rami Ezzeddine Barakat, brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki from his mother artist Hala Fouad.

Omar Zahran wrote: "A very special message from Rami Ezz El Din, brother of Haitham Ahmed Zaki: We are God and to him we return, we mourn with more sorrow, pain and sorrow, the deceased youth and the deceased family of the late the beautiful young artist Haitham Zaki."

Rami added in his letter: "My dear brother Haitham, I can not express the sadness inside me, I can not imagine that I lost the closest person to me. And the greatest. "

He continued: "My call to my Lord to make your paradise and forgive you and have mercy on you as great as his greatness and ability, I will never forget you and your memory will always be with me wherever and wherever you are, Rami Ezzedine Barakat."

“ My son and my friend Haitham were my yes, son and friend, '' said Ezzedine Barakat, father of Rami.

The artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki died at dawn on Thursday at his home in Sheikh Zayed area. The condolences are due to be held on Saturday evening at the police mosque in Sheikh Zayed. A: No

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