Ex-national coach as manager?

The former national coach Jürgen Klinsmann (photo) is considering, according to a media report, a return to VfB Stuttgart into consideration. The 54-year-old wanted to get back into the game and could imagine a manager job at VfB, write on Monday the "Stuttgarter Zeitung" and the "Stuttgarter Nachrichten". There is currently no contact between the Bundesliga tail light and the American election.

The job of the sports director, the Klinsmann could imagine accordingly, is currently assigned to the Swabians and until 2021 to Board Michael Reschke. But the public criticism of the work of the 61-year-old has continued to increase as a result of the sporting crisis in recent weeks. The 0: 3 against Eintracht Frankfurt last Friday was the fourth Ligapleite in series with a goal difference of 1:14.

Klinsmann had last worked until his leave of absence in November 2016 as a national coach of the United States. In interviews of the "Bild" and the two Stuttgart newspapers Klinsmann had recently emphasized his attachment to VfB and said that it draws him back into the professional business.

Me too. Klinsi I trust a "real" new beginning. He will modernize the club accordingly and successfully realign. That will not happen overnight – that should be clear – but in perspective he would be a top commitment in this regard.
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What did Reschke do so wrong?
Before the season I was in good spirits. Found the obligations understandable and due to no departures and the long preparation … But I …

A return from the USA to Europe is also conceivable: "Now the constellation is such that my daughter is going to university next summer, so I am not family so bound to California."

Klinsmann consultant: At VfB Jürgen would "always answer the phone"

Klinsmann's media consultant has underscored the bondage of the ex-professional to his home club meanwhile. "At VfB Stuttgart, Jürgen Klinsmann would always answer the phone," said Roland Eitel on Monday to "SWR". Eitel only ruled out that Klinsmann will work in the near future as a club coach. "As a coach, he would only work as a national coach," he said.

What made Reschke so wrong except to have been the successor of Schindelmeiser?
I'd say a Mr Bobic made a lot more mistakes in his time with us and still did not have such a strong lobby at the time of his release.
Do you really think the management plan was so terrible?
I see him with 2 mistakes and that's Korkest's extension and Badstuber's too long a contract. But both things are not factors for …

At VfB, Klinsmann's former team-mate and current Supervisory Board member Guido Buchwald had recently publicly criticized the sporting leadership: "Mr Reschke is the sports director and we simply have to support him in the current situation. But honestly, a broader athletic competence in the club would be very important to me for the future. It's always difficult when everything is tied to one person. "

Club president Wolfgang Dietrich had subsequently been irritated by the statements made by the world champion in 1990: "We are surprised that such statements are made the day before an important match. Currently, we definitely have more important topics on the agenda than commenting on such interview statements. This process will be the subject of the next board meeting in early December. "

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