VfL Wolfsburg: How does Neut coach Niko Kovac plan with Max Kruse? – Bundesliga

Now the days of truth begin!

After his vacation in the USA with a family visit in Miami and gambling weeks in Las Vegas, Max Kruse (34) is back in the gray everyday life in Wolfsburg. The cult striker will be tested for fitness, health and performance for two days.

The first training session under new coach Niko Kovac (50) starts on the lawn on Wednesday. And then it gets really serious!

Kovac attaches great importance to fitness and high training intensity. A session with the ex-professional can last 150 minutes. The days when ex-coach Florian Kohfeldt (39) turned a blind eye to low training motivation are over.

BILD now asked: How do you plan with Kruse, Mr. Kovac?

So plant Kovac mit Kruse

“Of course, Max is mentioned again and again, but I don’t want to single anyone out,” says Kovac. “Max is a special, a good player. Just like many others. Now it’s time to use these qualities that each individual has, combine them and form them into a team.”

The double winner with Bayern (2019) attaches great importance to fitness. With him, every player must be able to last 90 minutes. Kruse only managed that in 6 of 14 games at Wolfsburg in the second half of the season.

“What is very important in football is the willingness to perform, without it there is no way to be successful,” emphasizes Kovac. “My teams were always fit, always among the fittest. That’s part of it. You cannot be successful without it.”

Kruse was definitely motivated and ready to perform in the last few weeks. On vacation, he voluntarily sweated almost every day doing individual fitness exercises.

Even his wife Dilara is amazed: “Something is wrong with my husband. People! He goes to training every day, every day. This man is on vacation and going to work out. I think it has a shadow.”

Max even had a private trainer flown in to Las Vegas. The next few days will show whether it has brought anything.

How long Kruse (contract until 2023) will basically sweat under Kovac is still open. Last year’s Olympic participant has been dreaming of ending his career in America for years.

As of now, the Reinbeker native is still completing at least the first half of the season at VfL. A farewell to the USA in winter is likely.