VHS Mosbach eV: Advice – regional office network vocational training

Orientation advice for women and men on the subject of professional development
Regional Offices of Professional Development Networks
Heidelberg, Mannheim, Neckar-Odenwald and Sinsheim

Many people are faced with fundamental questions and decisions in the course of their professional life. we
advise you independently and free of charge
inform you independently about further training opportunities
supplement your ideas with our consulting expertise
discuss your wishes and goals with you
inform you about opportunities for professional development
talk about financing options and funding programs
accompany you in your professional learning, development and decision-making processes

The consultation takes place in the rooms of the VHS Mosbach, Hauptstraße 22, by telephone or video chat.

Please make appointments with us
Marion Baader
Tel: 0621 97607776 or 0176 74789380
Email: [email protected]
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