Viaplay partnership with Hay in Central and Eastern Europe

Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group) and NBCUniversal have agreed on a multi-year agreement that will make Viaplay the first partner of the Hayu platform, a reality streaming service, in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In the first year of the partnership, starting in the autumn, more than 1,000 series in the hayu brand region will be available on Viaplay, and most of the new hayu shows will be shown on Viaplay on the same day they are shown in the UK. countries.

Commenting on the development, “Reality formats provide excitement, drama and fan loyalty that competes with content in any category,” said Philippe, Head of Content at NENT Group. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “The Real Housewives” will find world-famous hayu shows. an enthusiastic audience in the latest four countries on Viaplay, where our unique Viaplay Originals, a combination of world-class movies and series, children’s content and live sports, is already creating an exciting new reality for the streaming market.

Hendrik McDermott, Managing Director of Global Direct to Consumer, hayu added: Viaplay has ad-free access to Hayu’s wide selection of the best reality content in the United States.

Viaplay became operational in Poland in August 2021 and in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in March 2021. In all four countries, the service offers a mix of Viaplay Originals, an international film and series, children’s content and premium sports.