Vice Ministry of Transportation evaluates the implementation of the alphanumeric system on vehicle plates | News from El Salvador

The increase in the number of vehicles forces the authorities to look for more options in the allocation of metals

Due to the growth of the vehicle fleet, the Vice Ministry of Transportation is evaluating the implementation of a new alphanumeric system for vehicle license plates. The current ones only indicate the type of car in the first letter (P for private, N for national, etc.)

According to the information of the institution, when the correlative of the automotive license plate exceeds 999-999, a letter or a number will be added to the new registration procedures.

According to VMT records, the vehicle fleet in El Salvador amounts to more than 1,300,000 units.

The last license plate change occurred in 2011, when vehicle owners paid $ 40.00 for the new license plates, plus the countersign of their registration card in the month of their birthday.

→ Drivers have not received metal plates for 6 months

Currently, Sertracen (Servicio de Tránsito Centroamérica SA de CV)
charges $ 22.89 for the replacement of the plate and $ 13.50 for the change of type of plate (for example, from private to collective transport).

License plates must be renewed every five years; It was not done in 2016 because the Legislative Assembly made a five-year reform to the Law on Fiscal Rights for the Circulation of Vehicles.

According to Saúl Castelar, Vice Minister of Transportation, the vehicle fleet that has grown the most is that of private cars.

Earlier, the Press Secretary of the Presidency issued a statement where it reported on the massive change of license plates, but later the VMT adjusted the information.

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Information from the Presidency