Vicente Fernández could be discharged before Christmas

After having shared the news that El Charro De Huentitán is improving and that his artificial respirator had been withdrawn for hours, Vicente Fernández Jr. denied the rumors about a possible date of discharge from the hospital for his father.

During a brief interview, Vicente Fernández’s eldest son commented that although the singer is showing great improvement, it is not known exactly when he could be discharged since this depends on the doctors: “The dates and times are set God, the doctors mark them and the progress they make, ”he declared before the cameras of the morning program Hoy.

The first-born of the singer, thanked for all those prayers that his fans do for him, as well as for the thousands of messages of encouragement they receive every day: “Very happy and that it has worked. Thanks to all the public for their prayers for their messages, to the entire artistic family, to the entire family of the media, thank you, “he added.

Finally, Vicente Jr., took the opportunity to share a message of encouragement to actress Carmen Salinas due to her current health problem. The eldest of the Fernández Brothers recalled what it was like to live with her during a project they carried out in the past: “I had the opportunity to coincide in a novel for practically more than eight months. She treated me like part of the family. communication with Gustavo, his nephew, and also praying for him to recover just as my father is having results “he concluded.



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