Victim of a cyberattack, Garmin navigates in the fog

The American company was the victim of a cyber attack. Its ‘Connect’ service, widely used by athletes, has been out of service for almost a week.

It is a failure that has the gift of crumpling a bunch of athletes around the world. Since the end of last week, the famous service “Connect” of the giant Garmin is no longer available. Known to motorists for a long time, the navigation company has also been the training partner of millions of sportsmen for several years. But since July 23, the stats and routes usually listed on the app have been replaced by a black screen and a message inviting you to come back later. Officially, the latter speaks of “site maintenance” and specifies that Garmin is currently not able to respond to various requests.

“The company was the victim of a cyberattack which encrypted some systems on July 23rd. As a result, many online services were shut down.”

Encrypted files

In reality, the situation is a tad more complicated than a simple server failure. Garmin is currently battling a cyberattack. Five days after having blocked everything, the company finally formalized this Tuesday the noise that had already been running for several days. “The company was the victim of a cyberattack that encrypted some systems on July 23 of this year. As a result, many online services were disrupted, including website functions, customer support, applications and communications. the company. They (the Garmin teams, Editor’s note) immediately began to assess the nature of the attack and began the restoration, “the company said in a press release. Concretely, ransomware used by hackers encrypted part of company files. Faced with the unknown, the company reacted quickly by blocking all access to its services before gradually reopening them, once security was assured.

Beyond the inability to use Garmin’s services, it is the possible theft of data that is causing the most concern. Between the private, location, health and even banking data of users using the Garmin Pay service, the group’s data is a real gold mine. “There is no reason to believe that customer data, including Garmin Pay ™ payment information, has been accessed, lost or stolen. Additionally, the functionality of Garmin products has not been affected. with the exception of the possibility of accessing online services “, nevertheless assures the group.

No impact on financial results

The company is visibly confident in its ability to handle the problem. A return to normal is also expected in the coming days. Some users have already regained access to some of the services. Garmin Aviation, allowing the creation of flight plans and which was also completely paralyzed, is operational again. The serious quack should not have any long-term consequences, assures Garmin. “No material impact on operations or financial results due to this failure is expected. “Following the attack, the price of the company nevertheless fell sharply, falling in a few days from 102 dollars to less than 94 dollars. The price then started to rise again and is now around 102 dollars. Good news for the managers of the company who are due to present the half-year results on Wednesday.

“There is no reason to believe that customer data, including Garmin Pay ™ payment information, has been accessed, lost or stolen.”

Contacted by us, the company does not wish to say more and refers to the global press release. It is therefore impossible to know more about the attack. According to several foreign media citing internal sources, the attack is said to come from a Russian group called Evil Corp and which had already been pinned by the US Treasury in other cyberattack files.